Using Councilpedia
February 8th, 2011

Gotham Gazette created Councilpedia to make it easier for New Yorkers to keep track of their elected officials. And Post City Hall bureau chief David Seifman has already put it to use.

Seifman came to the site, looked at sponsored legislation (we list this for every council member) and discovered some council members had not done very much in this department. Three — Larry Seabrook, Joel Rivera and Darlene Mealy — have sponsored no legislation at all in the current session, which began in January 2010. To be clear, we only consider prime sponsors, not the long list who get on board as the train leaves the station, and do not include resolutions or land use questions.

Seifman held particular scorn for Seabrook, who one year ago tomorrow was indicted on an array of federal charges, including fraud and extortion. “Adding to the long list of his other ignominious feats, indicted City Councilman Larry Seabrook managed to collect a $112,500 salary last year without introducing a single piece of legislation, according to records on the Councilpedia Web site. Of course, he had a few other things on his mind,” Seifman wrote.

Asked about his lack of legislation, Rivera gave Seifman a statement saying his energy has been focused on the city budget and “how it impacts my district, the Bronx community and our city.”

To learn more about your council member — or the public advocate or city comptroller — go to Councilpedia. And then tell your fellow New Yorkers what you’ve found.

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