Walcott Fires Back
May 18th, 2011

Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott sharply criticized the United Federation of Teachers and the NAACP for their latest effort to block city school shut-downs, calling it “unacceptable.

Earlier today the union, the civil rights group and other individuals and groups announced they had filed suit to block the Department of Education’s plan to close or phase out 22 schools it considers to be failing. (See below.)

Walcott charged that, y trying to block the closures, along with18 so-called co-locations of charter schools and traditional public schools, the suit was “trying to perpetuate once again the status quo” that harms students and protect adults.”

He expressed particular irritation that the UFT et al had gone to court so late in the year when most eighth graders have already selected high schools for next years and some — he did not say how many — had opted for the new schools slated to go into space now occupied by the schools facing closure .

“This lawsuit will hold hostage these individuals,” he said indicating there would be a ripple effect throughout the system.

Last year the groups filed their successful suit against the school closing on Feb. 1. Since that time, the city has introduced new procedures for school closings, holding public hearings and releasing information to comply with state education law. The union and the NAACP, though, argue it is still in violation of the law and its own agreements.

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