Bloomberg in Albany
June 16th, 2011

Mayor Michael Bloomberg paid a visit to Senate Republicans this morning as well as Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. He was in town to discuss the same-sex marriage vote. Although Bloomberg clearly put pressure on Republicans to bring the bill to a vote Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos left the meeting with Bloomberg and told reporters that his conference needed to further discuss the issue.

Bloomberg described giving his counsel to legislators who are on the fence, he said he told them that he “I remember being in their shoes.”

If the bill does come to a vote he expects it to pass with more than just the bare minimum number of votes–saying it would pass “comfortably.” Bloomberg described marriage as, “a force of stability for families,” and said that same-sex marriage is consistent with conservative principles. Bloomberg said he thinks the public expects same-sex marriage to come to a vote.

As for rent control renewal Bloomberg said he expects a bill to be passed by the end of session but that some may not be “ecstatic” about the bill.

Bloomberg also touched on the Anthony Weiner scandal saying that he thought Weiner needs to talk with his family and make a decision. But he also said the scandal has, “become a diversion away from all the important things this country has to deal with.” Weiner is expected to announce his resignation at 2 p.m. today.

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