Bloomberg on Fracking Announcement
June 30th, 2011

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is weighing in on the DEC’s new guidelines for hydrofracking. Here is his statement:

After more than a year of careful research and analysis, the State Department of Environmental Conservation made the right decision to recommend a ban of hydrofracking in the Citys upstate watersheds and a process to establish rules that will allow drilling elsewhere in a rigorously protective and environmentally responsible way. Governor Cuomo and Commissioner Joseph Martens deserve an enormous amount of credit for protecting the unfiltered drinking water supplies of more than nine million New Yorkers, while increasing our ability to harness the benefits of New Yorks natural gas resources.

My Administration said from the beginning that decisions on drilling had to be based on detailed scientific reviews. After completing our own independent study, it became clear that hydrofracking in New York Citys watersheds would compromise our ability to maintain an unfiltered water supply, and we vigorously advocated for a complete ban on drilling in the Citys upstate watersheds. These new recommendations appear to adopt the restrictions we sought.

We look forward to working with Governor Cuomo, Commissioner Martens and their team as the process outlined in the recommendations moves forward. I again want to thank the Governor for fully recognizing the Citys position and for ensuring that the water supply of half of New York State is protected for generations to come.

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