Getting Ready to Redistrict
July 18th, 2011

Common Cause/NY said earlier this year that they were planning to release their own maps to help LATFOR draw up district lines. Now they are following the mapping debate with a blog that will provide readers with demographic information and issues facing districts across the state.

LATFOR has announced public meetings across the state to take input and discuss possible changes to local districts. Now Common Cause has launched a blog called Mapping Democracy that will highlight the concerns of each part of the state that LATFOR is visiting.
“In Mapping Democracy, we’ll discuss and provide illustrative maps on aspects of the current district lines and the demographic issues that should influence where the new district lines should be placed, ” said Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause/NY in a statement.

“We’ll do that for each locale in advance of each of the public hearings which LATFOR has scheduled around the state starting on Tuesday. Of course, we’ll also discuss political developments which may have an impact on the redistricting process or the new maps themselves, but our purpose in starting the blog is to help shift the focus from the political horse race to the important substantive issues which effect how communities will be reflected in the new districts.”

“Our maps will illustrate how communities have often been arbitrarily divided by the current, highly partisan districts. In order to maximize the effective representation and participation of communities in the political process, New York’s new district maps should look very different than the current set,” said Brian Paul, Research & Policy Coordinator at Common Cause/NY in a statement.

The group plans to have information on the blog about Syracuse and Rochester–the next two places LATFOR will visit.

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