Teachers on Tenure
July 27th, 2011

Following Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s announcement on the results of the city’s new teacher tenure process (see below) the United Federation of Teachers is expressing reservations about how the city now awards, or denies, teachers tenure. In a brief statement issued this afternoon, union president Michael Mulgrew said, “The process of granting tenure must be rigorous, but it also must be consistent and transparent. We have serious questions about how the DOE reached these conclusions and concerns that they failed to base these decisions on pedagogy or job performance.”

The major change under the new system is that many more teachers are having their tenure decision delayed, or, as the UFT puts it, their probation period extended.

The union released a letter it sent to Chancellor Dennis Walcott earlier this month saying it has received “troubling reports of teachers and other pedagogues having their probation extended for reasons entirely unrelated to performance.” The letter went on to cite reports of teachers who did not receive a final tenure decision because the principal did not complete the classroom observation or was new to the school. It also accused the department of using teacher data reports, which, the union charged, are “based on flawed tests and [have] a margin of error of more than 50 percent.

The delays in the process, the Daily News reported a few weeks ago, has the greatest effect on the same high-quality new recruits whose jobs Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he wanted to save during this year’s fight over how to determine teacher layoffs.

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