Gas Industry Responds to Fracking Report
September 7th, 2011

The Independent Oil and Gas Association has released its response to the DEC fracking study. The synopsis? They aren’t so happy about the extended comment period and they plan on reading the report.

Commissioner Martens has demonstrated his willingness to provide opportunities for serious dialogue on this important energy and environmental matter,” said Brad Gill.

“While the energy industry believed the previously announced 60-day comment period to be sufficient, it has been determined that extending it to 90 days will ensure a more detailed review and evaluation of the Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS).

IOGA of NY will fully review the additional elements and content of the revised SGEIS and looks forward to sharing its point of view with state officials at the upcoming hearings.

In addition, we know that New Yorkers are open-minded about the benefits that natural gas exploration can bring to the state; and as an industry, we remain committed to practices that have resulted in a long-term record of safety and stewardship.”

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