Fracking With the Public
September 21st, 2011

A recently-released Quinnipiac University Poll is giving ammunition to both sides of the hydrofracking debate. Environmental Advocates of New York point to numbers that New Yorkers who live on shale formations are against fracking 47-43 percent.

“Governor Cuomo and the New York State Legislature should take note of todays Quinnipiac poll: 47 to 43, New Yorkers likely to be impacted by fracking dont want it due to concerns about drinking water quality and the industrialization of their communities with truck traffic and more,” reads the statement. “New Yorks voters havent made up their minds about fracking, and 51 percent know it will damage the environment. Thirty five percent dont know, and 13 percent disagree. Environmental Advocates of New York is confident that the more New Yorkers learn about fracking, the less they want it in their communities.”

Statewide New Yorkers support hydrofracking 45-41. There is stronger support in the suburbs and city residents are split 41-41 for and against fracking.

The Independent Oil and Gas Association seizes on the statewide support numbers:

Once again, a sampling of the public demonstrates that most New Yorkers favor increased natural gas development in the Southern Tier,” reads their release. “This is remarkable, given the tremendous amount of misinformation that has been issued about our industry in New York. We remain hopeful that New Yorkers are seeing through the distorted statements, myths and fictions, and instead will rely on science and record of performance to form their own opinions. As New York moves in the direction of expanded natural gas exploration, the industry looks forward to balancing the economic and the environmental needs of the state, just as we have done consistently since the 1800s.

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