Not All Advocates Panicking Over Cuomo's Veto Comments
October 26th, 2011

Gov. Andrew Cuomo made some comments earlier today about the possible consequences of him vetoing lines drawn up by LATFOR that have sent the blogosphere into a frenzy.

The veto could inject a certain amount of chaos and uncertainty that wouldnt be in anyones best interest, Cuomo said in an interview with Capitol Pressroom host Susan Arbetter. The comments have set off a bit of a blog furor with those who assume that Cuomo is walking back his promise to veto any lines that were drawn by LATFOR.

My vetoing the law isnt a slam dunk either, Cuomo said. Then the court will decide whether the law is a good law or whether I have the right to veto in the first place.

But good government groups seem to be taking the comments in stride. A number of independent redistricting advocates have been saying that a veto could cause chaos thanks to the possibility of the state moving to an earlier primary date. They note that Cuomo’s comments only show that he is in touch with the realities of the situation. The courts have never been exactly anxious to get involved in redistricting.

I wrote about the issue in an article last month:

“In light of this, McEneny questioned whether Cuomo would make good on his veto pledge. “I believe that the primary will be moved up to June. I think vetoing the lines would be irresponsible with that kind of deadline,” said McEneny.. “Are you really going to veto a bill you have never read?”

[Dick] Dadey (Of Citizens Union) believes the opposite. “The governor has been very clear that he will veto lines that are partisan and that LATFOR is not capable of drawing impartial lines.”

Some think he will have no choice. “He has to veto” said Liz Benjamin of the State of Politics blog at a forum on Cuomo last night. “He has no wiggle room.” But Steve Greeenberg, a pollster for the Siena Research Institute, disagreed. “If he decides to sign it because he got x, y or z from the legislature he can sign it,” Greenberg said. “There will be plenty of wiggle room, and he will not pay a serious price.””
However, as I blogged yesterday, a number of anonymous Senate Democrats are concerned that Cuomo has become too cozy with Republicans and feel they could very well lose out when it comes to redistricting if a deal is reached between the majority leaders and Cuomo.

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