Dicker: Occupy Albany Not "Peace and Love Hippies"
October 31st, 2011

It is a safe bet that most of our audience does not get a chance to catch New York Post editor Fred Dicker fulfill his role as “Political Analyst” for Albany’s WRGB CHannel 6 News. And that is a true shame because Dicker has unleashed a number of entertaining tirades against Occupy Albany protesters. Dicker has mentioned the word anarchy and told viewers that Occupy Wall Street people “aren’t peace and love hippies.” *Gasp* He seems distraught as he mentions that the protesters are actually calling on people to “be thrown in jail.”

Dicker initially dismissed Occupy Albany as a bunch of hippies but later decided they were being run by skinny people who may have trust funds. *Double gasp!* His opinion still seems to be evolving.

Having worked for an alt-weekly in Albany for five years and covered plenty of peace protests I feel I am an authority on the many varieties of Albany area hippies and have to say that most of the hippies down at the park during the start of the Occupy Albany protest were peace and love hippies and a bunch of politically active college kids. Many were middle-aged or older, and still regularly attend anti-war rallies. Now after Gov. Andrew Cuomo demanded their arrest and Dicker spent so much time ranting about them I have to admit I have lost track of who they all are because there are a lot more of them — thanks to Dicker and Cuomo.

Now unlike Fred I wasn’t actually alive for the first generation for “peace and love hippies” but if I have my history right, a large number of authentic “peace and love” hippies were protesting against the war, wanted the president and state department officials thrown in jail and were attacked (physically and otherwise as OWS protesters have been) f0r their beliefs. Some of those “peace and love hippies” went beyond peace and love and did sit ins, burned draft cards etc…all to make a point.

I believe if Mr. Dicker checked he would find that a great number of Tea Party protesters also held signs that wanted people thrown in jail just for holding a job…you know like President Barack Obama. Members of the Tea Party also hurled racial epithets at members of congress. You obviously can’t judge a movement by a few members. However, I digress.

I wanted to share with you Dicker’s (EXTREMELY ENTERTAINING) rants against Occupy Albany, the millionaires tax and Albany District Attorney David Soares–the man who has refused to prosecute and peaceful protesters and as a result has been lauded by his supporters at the Working Families Party.

So kick back and watch some of Dicker’s classic rants.

Dicker vs. Soares

Dicker vs. Occupy Albany

Dicker vs. Albany Jerry Jennings

Note that anchor Liz Bishop is unsure of whether Dicker has written an article or a column.

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One Response to “Dicker: Occupy Albany Not "Peace and Love Hippies"”

  1. Mr. Concerned for my Albany Says:
    November 29th, 2011 at 12:12 am

    First I have worked for the last 30 years, owned a variety of homes in Albany and pay plenty of US taxes.
    In fact, I was at the Occupy to support the original focused issue and camped overnight to show support.
    I have plenty of friends at the park and made a variety of new “friends” only to discover that the focus has shifted (lost focus).

    I have stayed in the tents, huts, make shift shelters etc. only to discover that the majority of time is spent socializing, drinking alcohol (with the majority under age.. illegal activity), doing weed, doing whatever drug the “supporters” can get there hands on and even buy right in the occupy park, then lets not forget the even underage and adult sex and sex parties. Very unhealthy not only to them selves, some of who are our kids, and to many uninformed residents/visitors that hang out there. I know of four individuals, actually more, that have contracted STD/HiV only to end up at Albany Med. Center for tests/treatment. Permanent structures are built and even a tent housing area known as “the projects”.
    Where is our city, county and state health departments when you truly need them to be effective?

    Why are all these illegal activities allowed within our public park, humiliating to our city leaders, in view of city hall and our state house. Truly disgusting behavior not only by the protesters but to our city and state leadership and law enforcement.
    Why is our police department allowed to not serve and protect the city of albany residents. The residents that pay the city taxes for these services.

    I would think it is illegal for the police department not to do their very job. How can our major ignore this. How can the DA ignore this.

    I watched the arresting procedures make a mockery of our fine NYS Police department. Sad sad.

    I have lost faith in this protest and our city elected and paid officials as we are ignoring many illegal activities. I was informed that the Albany Police has been officially informed to “ignore” this area. Sounds like an internal affairs issue (which I was recommended to speak with). What about my and many others rights?


    Yours Truely

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