Does Batra Read Grandeau's Blog? Grandeau Hopes so.
December 14th, 2011

Ravi Batra, the Senate Minority’s pick to serve on the Joint Commission on Public Ethics, has raised a lot of eyebrows. And now it seems he is doing his best to show critics that he is involved and interested in ethics…so much so that in his latest statement he gives form David Grandeau, the former head of the now defunct New York State Lobby Commission and attack dog blogger, a big sloppy wet kiss of an endorsement to head the Joint Commission on Public Ethics.

Liz Benjamin over at State of Politics has the details. Batra writes, “I propose as the first order of business of JCOPE is the formation of a search committee so JCOPE can have the best executive director possible. Some one like a David Grandeau.” Wowzers!

Batra also hits on something Grandeau and a number of journalists have pointed out–that JCOPE has a staff that no one actually had the authority to give it because the commission has not yet selected an executive director.

“I am troubled that Barry Ginsberg, PICs executive director has on his own taken over as JCOPEs acting executive director in violation of law and rules,” wrote Batra in a statement. “Only a majority of the JCOPE commissioners can hire him. I am informed by the IGs report, particularly, pages 152-154. I am also informed by the Findings by the same IGs Report. I for one do not accept any action taken by an executive director JCOPE didnt hire. I wish Mr. Ginsberg well, and Godspeed.”

Ginsberg has been a constant target of criticism on Grandeau’s blog.

“I hope he reads my blog,” Grandeau told me after I asked him what he thought of Batra’s statements. “Give Ravi credit,” said Grandeau. “He is the fist commissioner to publicly say, ‘let’s do the right thing.” By the right thing Grandeau means Batra’s focus on why Ginsberg is still at JCOPE, seemingly acting as the executive director and under whose authority.

Grandeau said he thinks Ginsberg is actually violating a state statute, “impersonation of a public official.”

“Barry Ginsberg has done us all a favor,” said Grandeau, “now we can see where each commissioner stands on right and wrong.”

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2 Responses to “Does Batra Read Grandeau's Blog? Grandeau Hopes so.”

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