UFO or 63rd Senate Seat?
January 26th, 2012

The 63rd Senate seat created by Senate Republicans looks uncannily to me like the evil Reaper spaceship from the popular Mass Effect video game series. It sweeps down from Montgomery County slices away half of Sen. Neil Breslin’s Albany County district, swallows Green County and its tentacles stab into the top of Ulster.

But I suppose that is a rather insignificant observation when you look at what New York Public Interest Group’s Bill Mahoney has to say about the proposed maps as a whole.He says, the Senate’s maps are, “clearly the most gerrymandered lines in recent New York History.” He provided this statement and statistical breakdown to back up his claim. Check it out.

Mahoney had this to say:

“There are several methods of measuring how representative of voters districts are. The typical deviation from the ideal population is one of the few completely objective criteria that can be used. While judging this set of proposed maps by this yardstick, the Senates maps are clearly the most gerrymandered lines in recent New York history. The Assemblys are slightly better than 2002s final maps, but fall far short of providing mathematically equal representation.”

Senate: Districts 3% or further from ideal population:

1984: 0

1992: 0

2002: 19

2012: 50

Senate: Districts within 1% of ideal population (as proposed in Gov. Cuomos bill)

1984: 44 out of 61

1992: 47 out of 61

2002: 11 out of 62

2012: 3 out of 63

Assembly: Districts 3% or further from ideal population:

1984: 15

1992: 49

2002: 70

2012: 67

Assembly: Districts within 1% of ideal population:

1984: 92

1992: 46

2002: 18

2012: 26

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