Diaz Endorses Espada
August 17th, 2010

Amigos stick together.

We got this press release from Sen. Ruben Diaz’s camp yesterday. For more on Sen. Pedro Espada’s re-election campaign, go here:

Here is the full release in all its glory:

Earlier this afternoon, at 1:30PM, while standing in front of the beautiful Church of the Mediator located at 351 East 231 Street in Riverdale, New York State Senator Ruben Diaz,Sr. endorsed the Re-Election of New York State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada, Jr for another term. Senator Esapda was described as the seminole leader who worked closely with Senator diaz to save senior centers from closing. Senator Diaz exhorted the public to prevent the election of an unknown rookie who, “does not know where the Senate is”.

Senator Diaz extolled Senator Espada’s many years of fighting for the community, and he enthusisastically endorsed Senator Espada ‘s Re-election in the September 14, 2010 Democratic Primary.

Several members of the Bronx Clergy also publicly endorsed Senator Espada att the press conference.
Senator Espada thnaked Senator diaz for his support and he made brief remarks, and he took questions from news reporters afterward.

The video furnished herein of Senator Diaz’ endorsement of Senator Espada, was made by Franck LaBoy, Press Secretary to Senator Espada for use by the news organizations.

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Potential Successors Have (Much) Smaller Bank Accounts
June 15th, 2010

Three potential mayoral hopefuls in 2013 have far smaller bank accounts than City Hall’s current occupant.

According to financial disclosure forms released by the city Conflicts of Interest Board this morning, Comptroller John Liu, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn didn’t finance trust funds or lease out horses in 2009.

But they aren’t complete penny pinchers either.

In 2009, the comptroller had between $100,000 and $250,000 in mutual funds and between $100,000 and $250,000 in a retirement account. His disclosure form, which a spokesperson said Liu prepared himself, did not include the home he owns in Flushing.

Reports released from other elected officials today included the real estate they owned.

Quinn, on the other hand, rents her primary residence (She does co-own a four-bedroom vacation home on the Jersey shore valued at more than $500,000). In 2009, the speaker’s only source of income was her $112,500 salary at the council and the $28,500 stipend she gets as its leader. She has between $5,000 and $40,000 in a deferred compensation plan and between $5,000 and $40,000 in a retirement account. (All income disclosures at the Conflicts of Interest Board are done in ranges).

Also in 2009, Quinn was paid between $1,000 and $5,000 for a trip to Belfast, Ireland to speak at an awards dinner and meet with public officials. The trip was bankrolled by The Belfast Group.
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