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The Budget Game

Feb 9, 2009 — You're welcome to play with balancing the 2003 city budget, but we've revised and updated our budget game for 2009. Balance! lets you play with the options on the 2009 budget table.

May 12, 2003 — In an effort to close the city's $3.8 billion deficit, public officials have been playing the usual budget games - laying off workers, raising taxes, and threatening to close firehouses and zoos. Now with our interactive NYC Budget Game, you can play too. You spend the money. You make the cuts. You raise and lower the taxes.

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Further reading:

Stomaching Bloombergs Budget (6/30/03) Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the City Council passed a budget that avoided cuts to zoos, trash pickups, and health clinics - and New Yorker's still aren't happy.

Albany and the City's Budget (5/12/03) Glenn Pasanen looks at the latest plans by the state legislature and the mayor to close the city's budget gap.

A New Way of Doing Business in Albany (5/12/03) Assemblyman Scott Stringer looks at how the State Assembly and Senate defied the governor to pass their own financial plan - and how this surprising event could lead to greater reform in Albany.

Bloomberg's UnBearable Budget (4/21/03) Closing down firehouses, shutting children's health clinics, even evicting the animals from two New York zoos – these are some of the choices that Mayor Bloomberg has made in his executive budget, and that's the best-case scenario, NOT the "doomsday" alternative if Albany aid doesn't come through. An overview of the proposed budget cuts and complaints about them. And three budget analysts offer their differing critiques.