wo city councilmembers are drafting legislation to allow immigrants who are not yet citizens to vote in local elections. Many said that immigrants could become a significant political bloc. According to the New York Times, there are about a million legal immigrants of voting age in the city who are not U.S. citizens — equivalent to more than a fifth of the total number of current voters. Opponents argue that giving suffrage to immigrants would undermine the concept of citizenship itself.

Meanwhile, the processing times for getting permanent resident status -- the first step to secure citizenship -- quadrupled over the last 18 months, despite an infusion of $160 million devoted to cut the backlog at the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration.

In this April edition of The Citizen, we take a look at unemployment among highly skilled immigrants, hate crimes against Chinese in Brooklyn , New York as Russian cultural center and poems through immigrants'eyes. Articles from the Chinese, French, Korean, Pakistani and Spanish press, including stories from the Independent Press Association's "Voices That Must Be Heard."

"Bridge & Tunnel"
Sarah Jones plays 13 immigrant New Yorkers in a one woman show produced by Meryl Steep, .

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IT Blues
From Gotham Gazette
As the dot com euphoria gave way to disillusionment, many immigrants wound up among the 20,000 Information Technology professionals who lost their jobs in the past two years.

Garment Labor Contract to Be Renewed
From the World Journal
Despite the decline of the garment industry, manufacturers are renewing their contract with UNITE Local 23-25, which represents apparel workers in Chinatown.

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Haitian In America
From France Amerique
Haitian UN Ambassador responds to questions from France-Amérique.

The 7th Largest Russian City
From Russian New York
The influx of Russian immigrants has expanded cultural life in New York City.

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Article Infuriates Asians
From The World Journal
Many Asians found Details Magazine Article, "Gay or Asian," offensive and demanded a public apology.

Mutilingual Transportation
From El Diario
To make travel easier for non-English speakers, the city's public transportation system began offering information in eight other languages.

Verifying Driver License
From Sada-e-Pakistan
The Department of Motor Vehicles is now comparing the information provided by license holders with Social Security Administration records.

Fearless Korean
From JoongAng
The number of Koreans arrested for drunk driving has gone up threefold in Queens over the last three years.

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Anti-Chinese Hate Crimes
From the World Journal
With a sharp increase in Asian population, some neighborhoods in Police Precinct 62 also see a rise in hate crimes against Chinese.

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