APRIL 2002
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Immigrants seeking admission to the United States at Ellis Island in 1906.

n this sixth edition of The Citizen, we offer a selection of articles from New York's immigrant and ethnic press about the Chinese, Japanese, Haitian, Indian, Mexican, Polish and Puerto Rican communities. Some detail problems facing immigrants, including a shortage of court interpreters, the exploitation of domestic workers and continuing repercussions from 9/11. But others suggest increasing political participation, new hope, and the one thing that ties people of all nations together -- April Fool's Day.

Chinese Demonstrate In Support for Detainees
From World Journal
Chinese immigrants marched against the ongoing detention of Middle Eastern immigrants since 9/11.

Day of Sorrow and Remembrance
From Nowy Dziennik
Polish residents of New York City reflect on how September 11 changed their lives and outlook.

Turban Trouble?
From Indian Express
A Sikh police officer asks to be allowed to wear his turban on the job, and keep his beard.

From Tokyo To The Great White Way
From Asahi News
Japan's leading musical and stage actors and actresses donate their time and artistic talents to help steer New York City's theater industry through challenging times.

Overburdened Court Interpreters Get Help
From World Journal
A new Asian American group is created to push for more translation services in the court.

New ID, New Hope
From El Diario
With an updated ID card, Mexican immigrants gain benefits and incite criticism.

Latinos Flex Muscle At The Polls
From Hoy
Between 1999 and 2000 the number of Latinos that registered to vote increased 46 percent.

Dignity For Domestic Workers
From Gotham Gazette
New legislation calls for employers to sign contracts that improve the rights of nannies, babysitters, housekeepers and elderly caregivers.

Fooling Around The Globe
From Gotham Gazette
April Fool's Day is popular among many immigrant communities. The tradition of making jokes and playing hoaxes on April 1 is celebrated in countries throughout the world.

Louima Watch
From Haitian Times
Immigrant groups and activists keep an eye on police in the Louima case.

Primaries No More
From Noticias del Tiempo
New York State Senator Olga Mendez faces criticism after saying that she deserves to be re-elected without the primaries.

La Pena del Bronx Closed
From Noticias del Mundo
Police shut down Bronx Community Center for illegal activities.

No More Sweatshirts From Sweatshops
From World Journal
A bill would prohibit New York State and City University from contracting with manufacturers linked to sweatshops.

We call this section The Citizen because all New Yorkers are citizens of the city, whatever their federal immigration status. We thus restore the word "citizen" to its root in the word "city."
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