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Poles Talk About Sending Polish Soldiers To Iraq
From Nowy Dziennik
March 20, 2003

Compiled by Wojciech T. Mleczko

Poles living in New Jersey and New York were asked whether they support the decision of the Polish government to send 200 Polish soldiers to Iraq, where they will be supporting the American military action.

Wladyslaw Geslak, president of Zrzeszenie Kresowiakow Semper Fidelis:

“Obviously it was a very difficult decision for the Polish government. But I support it. Obligations of an ally are important, especially in times like this. History has shown us that being an ally on paper during peacetime means nothing. It’s important to live up to one’s obligations.”

Stanislaw Goracy, the owner of SG Interlink, an advertising agency:

“I do not support the decision of the Polish government, because it does not have anything to do with Poland’s obligations as a member of NATO. What’s more, even though Americans rely on resolution 1441 passed by the UN, they will [act on their own], since the UN does not support military action in Iraq. According to the reports by Blix, Iraq does not pose threat to international security nor does it possess weapons of mass destruction. All this shows that sending Polish soldiers to the Middle East is not a wise decision.”

Romuald Dymski, businessman:

“I fully support the decision of the Polish government and the president. First of all, Iraq has not fulfilled the requirements set by the United Nations. Second, terrorism should be fought in every place around the world. Third, the United States is a very important ally of Poland on the international arena and the sending of symbolic 200 soldiers to the Middle East is an important signal to the world and to the United States that Poles know what freedom and democracy are. We can even refer to the old Polish slogan ‘for your freedom and for ours.’ President Kwasniewski in his recent address reminded the French that ‘they did not want to die [fight] for Gdansk’ and evidently they have not drawn conclusions from the tragedy of World War II.”

Chester Lobrow, businessman:

“As an American I fully support the decision of President Bush and as a Pole I am glad that Polish soldiers will on the frontlines of fighting with evil and terrorism. Hussein is an incarnated Hitler. If it were not for the quick military action of the United States, the geography of the Middle East would be much different today. It was a mistake that at that time the military operation was not carried out completely.”

Anna Jez, economist:
“I fully support the sending of Polish soldiers to the Middle East. The United States should not be alone in this war. The goal of the impending war is to free the Iraqi nation of a tyrant and dictator. Hussein has on his conscience hundreds of thousands victims of terror, which he has been spreading thought [his country] since he came to power. For the last 12 years he showed no regard for the UN resolutions and it’s time to [change that]. As a Pole, I am proud that Polish soldiers will fight shoulder to shoulders with Americans. This war will be short, and it will show tyrants throughout the world that that their actions cannot [go unpunished].”

Maria Radzewicz, owner of Polish agency in Irvington:

“It’s foolish to send Polish youth to this war. In the name of what? For what interests? Iraq is not posing any threats to us. Poland has never been of importance to anybody, and it never will be, no matter how many soldiers we send. It’s a very serious mistake of the Polish government, a decision made against the public opinion in Poland.”
Translated From Polish By Joanna Sufin

Translated from Polish by Joanna Sufin

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