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The Citizen
The Citizen /April 01, 2006

Thousands of New Yorkers marched across the Brooklyn Bridge s part of 'The Great Walk In Solidarity With Immigrants.

Legalization and De-Legalization
From Gotham Gazette
Why are some immigrants attending unprecedented mass demonstrations against pending new federal legislation, and others labeling it a victory for immigrants? Aarti Shahani of Families for Freedom sorts out the bills, and explains the protests.

House Bill: Undocumented Immigrantion Is A Felony
From Hoy
A bill approved by the US House of Representatives will damage all of the work that the City has done to guarantee benefits to documented and undocumented immigrants.

A Promise from A Senator
From Irish Voice
Senator John McCain promised to help undocumented Irish immigrants by pushing the immigration reform bill through the Senate.

Deportation Orders On The Rise
From El Diario / La Prensa
The number of deportation orders issued by judges in federal immigration courts has risen by 78 percent over the past five years, according to the annual report of the immigration court system.

Immigrants all over the country took to the street to protest bill passed by U.S. House of Reperesentatives that would make those who are illegally living or working in the country felons. In New York City, thousandsof protesters led by former New York State Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr. marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to the Federal Building Plaza.

Immigrant advocates are said to favor a bill passed last month by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Unlike the House version, the Senate bill provides a path for undocumented immigrants to stay and work in the country legally, leading critics to dub it "Amnesty."

"We're not going to deport 12 million people, so let's stop this fiction," said Mayor Michael Bloomberg who has been consistent in his stance toward illegal immigrants. "Let's give them permanent status."

These stories and others from the Chinese, Irish, Korean, Polish, Russian and Spanish language press via our partner, Voices That Must Be Heard.

Undocumented Immigrants
From Gotham Gazette
Andrew Beveridge looks at the demographics of those immigrants who have no legal authorization to live here, and the differences between New York City and elsewhere in the United States.

Injured, Undocumented And Legally Protected
From Gotham Gazette
Can construction workers who claim injury on the job sue their employer even if the workers are ìunauthorized aliensî with no legal right to work, or even live, in the U.S.? The highest court in New York has ruled yes. Justice Emily Jane Goodman details the ruling.

Undocumented Workers’ Rights
From Novoye Russkoye Slovo
New York Supreme Court rules undocumented workers entitled to disability compensation.

Minimun Wage
From El Diario
Workers protested a Greek restaurant in Astoris Queens for violating New York and U.S. labor laws by paying salaries below the minimum wage.

Unlicensed Doctors in Chinatown
From World Journal
The recent arrest of an unlicensed dentist led many health workers to believe that a crackdown on illegal clinics in Chinatown is inevitable.

Free Clinics in Harlem
From Tiempo
Medical students at Mount Sinai School of Medicine run free clinic for uninsured East Harlem residents.

Non-Citizen Voting Initiative Revisited
From World Journal
Council member Charles Barron announced that he will reintroduce legislation for non-citizen voting rights in the City Council. He was optimistic that he had support from at least 33 other council members.

Landmark vs. Landlord
From Sing Tao
Landmarking efforts were rebuffed by a community board in Lower East Side, where Chinese and Jewish immigrants own many of the buildings.

Residents and Developers
From Korean Times New York
Flushing and Urbandale residents in Queens bid for landmark preservation status to protect the areas against developers.

Russian Kids In NewYork
From Russian Bazaar
The Russian newspaper decided to find out how hard it is for Russian children to adapt to life in New York.


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