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New York City
August 2001

With over 200 distinct ethnic groups in New York, and about 40 percent of the population immigrants from abroad, it is impossible for any single publication to cover all of the city's various communities. And, lets face it, the mainstream English-language press has not yet begun to do so in any serious way. With that in mind, Gotham Gazette humbly presents The Citizen, which offers a somewhat random glimpse into the issues, events, crises, and people who affect the city's diverse array of ethnic groups and communities. As Abby Scher of the Independent Press Association wrote in Gotham Gazette in April, there are almost 200 publications in 36 languages published in New York, The people who read and write these publications, and are written about in them, may not be citizens of the United States, but they are citizens of New York. Here is a sample.

Local Teachers Gear Up for US Posts
From the Jamaica Gleaner
New York City turns to Jamaica to find answers to its shortage of public school teachers. About 300 teachers out of hundreds of eager applicants were selected to teach in New York.

Workers Picket At Placement Agency
From the Filipino Express
Several workers and supporters have taken to the streets protesting against the Philippino Placement Agency, accusing the agency of stealing thousands of dollars intended as wages for workers who used the Agency to find jobs.

More and More Bangladeshis Are Owning Taxis Today
From the Weekly Thikana (Bengali)
There are about 7,500 Bangladeshis driving taxis in New York City, and more and more of these drivers are buying their taxis.

Effort To Foster Political Awareness Amongst NY's Ethnic Communities
From the American Oggi (Italian)
The Multicultural American Coalition will sponsor several forums with political candidates and experts to debate topics of interest to various e ethnic constituencies. The first will take place September 6th. The Coalition voted to initiate and support several other projects relating to immigrants.

Campaign for Voter Registration
From El Diario (Spanish)
Information on the upcoming November 6th general elections in which the mayor, city council members, comptroller and borough presidents will be elected.

Needs of Asian Americans Discussed
From India in New York
A panel discussion at Queens Borough Public Library in Flushing highlights the unique issues and problems facing Asian Americans and Asian American communities in New York.

Following a Healthy Trend: Baptiste Runs Large Brooklyn Hospital
From the Haitian Times
Ernst Joseph Baptiste, now in charge of the staff at St. Mary's Brooklyn Hospital and St. Vincent Catholic Medical Center, is just one of many Haitians who have quietly established themselves in the state's healthcare industry.

Women's Organization Organizes March to Raise Awareness of Domestic Violence
From India in New York
Sakhi for South Asian Women, a non-profit organization aimed at curing domestic violence, held its fourth annual March Against Violence in Jackson Heights, hoping to increase awareness about violence against women.

Editorial Opinion
From the Hatian Times
The editorial page urges Haitian President Aristide to look to New York City and Mayor Guiliani as guidelines for Haiti's fight against crime.

In The Classifieds
From the Weekly Thikana (Bengali)
Seeking grooms and brides.

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