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From El Diario
What the "Queen of Salsa" means to some New Yorkers.

espite the sluggish economy, many immigrants continue to send money back home. Last year Latino immigrants in New York area sent home about $3 billion --. made up of a lot of $250 monthly payments. "With just $100, [my parents] can buy food for a month," said an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, Adrian Caro, who now lives in Inwood. (NY Times).

Mexico, India, China, the Philippines and Vietnam are the top five countries that account for 40 percent of the 1,063,732 people who legally immigrated to the United States last year. New York City is the second most popular destination after Los Angeles among new immigrants, the home of more than 90,000 immigrants, according to the latest statistics from the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Despite the recent re-organization, the immigrantion agency still has a major backlog problem. Immigrants from Mexico, India and the Philippines who seek permanent resident status through a family member can expect to wait at least nine years before their green card applications will be approved, according to the State Department visa bulletin board.

In this August edition of The Citizen, we take a look at immigrant smuggling schemes, the city's policy on reporting illegal immigrants, the Queen of Salsa's funeral and an interview with the Ecuadorian consul. Articles from the Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Korean and Spanish press, including stories from the Independent Press Association's "Voices That Must Be Heard."

Executive Order 34 Revisited
From Gotham Gazette
After persistent protests against , Mayor Michael Bloomberg's executive order 34, which allows city employees to report undocumented immigrants to federal agencies, he is considering changing it.

Reaching Out
From El Diario
Speaking in an editorial meeting with El Diario, Mayor Bloomberg said that he will clarify his order and talk with Queens City Councilmember Hiram Monserrate, who is sponsoring a bill to revoke executive order 34.

Undocumented Immigrants and Local Police
From Sing Tao Daily
Local police cooperation with immigration agencies worried many advocacy groups. A recent case involves a Fujianese man who was asked to assist in a recent murder investigation in Chinatown but was later reported to federal government.

Student but No Studying
From JoongAng
Nearly 50,000 Koreans enroll in schools and universities in the United States. Some do not attend classes and use their student visas as a way to stay and work in the country.

Free English Classes
From The World Journal
With an uncertain future of Chinese-English programs in New York public schools, a private group starts offering free English classes for newly arrived Chinese students.

Learning Korean
From JoongAng
Many of the 2nd generation Koreans are devoting their summer to studying Korean, which, they hope, will help advance their careers.

Muslim Man Attacked
From Weekly Thikana
A Bangladeshi was attacked in Jamaica, Queens, while returning from mosque.


Immigrant Smuggling
From Gotham Gazette
Ten years after the Golden Venture disaster, all indicators suggest that immigrant smuggling is as common now as it was then.

Crossing Border
From Nowy Dziennik
Many Polish immigrants get to New York by illegally crossing the Canadian or Mexican border.

The Undocumented Documented
From El Diario
A group of councilmembers and undocumented immigrant rights activists hailed the launch of the movie “Dirty Pretty Things” to show their support for a more friendly New York City policy for the undocumented.

Where Were the French?
From France-Amerique
Contrary to the New York Times reporting, French expatriates turned out in large number to celebrate Bastille Day.

An interview with the Ecuadorian Consul
From Ecuador News
Carol Jara is ready to fight to improve the image of Ecuador in the tri-state areas and promote tourism to her country.

Let’s Engage In American Party Politics
From JoongAng
" Korean-Americans need to register as party members," writes a columnist, who observes that Korean has already made connection with Democratic Party. " It is urgent to form a Republican organization."

Dominican Voting
From The Dominican Time
New York City could be the next political ground for the Dominican presidential election if expatriates are allowed to vote.
From Aramica
A community website's message board became a forum for anti-Muslim browsers to post their thoughts.

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