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The Citizen
The Citizen / Aug 01, 2005

Interpreters at Poll Sites
From Gotham Gazette
About twenty-five percent of voters need language assistance. But that’s no surprise in NYC, a bastion of ethnic diversity. What is alarming is the lack of assistance provided to these citizens who wish to vote.

Muslim Vote
From Muslims Weekly
Mayoral candidates are beginning to recognize the power of the thousands of Muslim voters.

"Welcome to the United States, A Guide for New Immigrants", is a 102-page guide that walks immigrants through everything from opening a bank account and getting a driver's license to obtaining childcare and preparing for emergencies. The guide is also available online here in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, Arabic and Tagalog.

A recent report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York said that the 1.2 million foreign immigrants who came to New York in the 1990s played a great role in the city's economy. Many of the new immigrants are characterized by a high level of education and English proficiency.

Language barrier can be an obtacle when it matters; there is an effort to recruit translators to help immigrants at poll sites in the coming elections, some mistakes were found in the Chinese version of the recent New York State Regents tests and a hospital was sued for asking employees to speak only English at work. These and other stories from the Bengali, Caribbean, Chinese,Polish, Russian and Spanish-language press via our partner, Voices That Must Be Heard.

Street Vending Licenses
From Gotham Gazette
Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed into law a legislation that would prohibit the Department of Consumer Affairs from questioning applicants for street vending licenses about their immigration status.

American Muslims
From Pakistan Post
"If there is anything that the London blasts have achieved," said a columnist"it is to heighten the apprehensions of American Muslims."

Facing Harassment
From Bangla Patrika

A poster displaying, "Stop Muslim immigrants" pasted on the walls of a mosque in the South Bronx was one of several incidents reported by Muslim New Yorkers.

Polish Reaction
From Nowy Dziennik
Polish residents in Greenpoint believe terrorist attacks here will happen again.

Police Interrogation
From Bangla Patrika
Bangladeshis busted for gambling in Brooklyn said that they were asked about their religious beliefs.

Racial Profiling
From CaribNews
The New York State Assembly passed a package of bills to prohibit racial profiling by police agencies and make it easier for victims of the profiling to sue police departments.

Lost in Translation
From World Journal
New York State Education Department admitted finding mistakes in the Chinese version of the recent New York State Regents tests.

Student Deportation
From Super Express
Immigrants gathered in front of a Manhattan Criminal Court building and the Federal Plaza building to protest against the deportation of 13,000 undocumented students.

Watch Out
From Sing Tao Daily
Many "Wanted Ads" in Chinatown are a deceitful trick to target new immigrants.

English Only
From Hoy
A hospital was sued after allegedly asking Hispanic employees to speak only English at work

The Taxi King
From Vecherniy New York
An interview with the chairperson of the Taxi and Limousine Commission. Nearly 30 percent of cab drivers are immigrants from the former Soviet Union

Community vs. Development
From El Diario
Community leaders of Spanish Harlem are furious about a plan by the City's Economic Development Corporation to creates ashopping mall, apartments and parking lot in the area.

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