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Along with all of New York, the members of the city's immigrant communities have lived through the terrorist attacks, the downturn of the economy, the wholesale replacement of public officials, and the crash of Flight 587. But many went through these experiences in a different way, and with different consequences. In this second edition of The Citizen, we offer a selection of articles from New York's ethnic and immigrant press, the 200 or so publications in 36 different languages. Some are translated into English by Gotham Gazette or the Independent Press Association. We also offer some of our own original stories.

December 2001
The Disappeared of Brooklyn
From Gotham Gazette
Since September 11, law enforcement agents have raided hundreds of apartments, private homes, offices in New York, especially in Brooklyn, and arrested many Pakistanis. Some of their families still do not know where they are. (Also see editorial from Independent Press Association.)

Economic Crises Forces Some Bangladeshis to Return Home
From Bangla Patrika
Because of the economy, some Bangladeshis have been forced to leave New York in search of better opportunities in other states, and a few are even preparing to return to their home country.

Prayers, Politics, Panels and Protests: New York's South Asians Cope With A Dual Tragedy
In the days since September 11, New York City's South Asian community has sought to convince Americans that South Asians and Muslims are not the enemy. And for this cause, they enlisted politicians and Bollywood celebrities as well as everyday citizens.

Compensation Law Protects Victims' Relatives
From Hoy
Relatives of victims of American Airlines 587 are entitled to compensation under U.S. and New York laws as well as international treaties, according to Jesus Pena, a legal expert. This Q & A explains the details.

Filipino Americans Grieve, Unite After Tragedy
From the Filipino Express
An independent tally indicates 23 Filipino Americans died in the September 11 terrorist attacks. Like all New Yorkers, local Filipinos are mourning the lost and working for "bayanihan," a Filipino term for community cooperation.

Muslim Youth Unfairly Targeted
From Youth Communications Magazine
Seventeen-year-old reporter Abanty Farzana writes about the fear and discrimination facing Muslim young people in New York City.

World Trade Center Victims Become U.S. Citizens
From El Diario/LA PRENSA
New York Representative Jose Serrano introduced a bill that would grant citizenship to the legal residents who died in the terrorist attacks on September 11. The bill, however, does not extend to the family members of victims.

Counting Muslims In the U.S.
From Gotham Gazette
There is a heated debate about how many Muslims currently live in the U.S. Despite differences in the total numbers, many researchers agree that Muslims are growing in influence and prosperity.


Pakistani-Americans Decry Unjust Treatment
From the Independent Press Association
More than 300 Pakistanis in New York have been detained since September 11. Most were picked up due to minor immigration violations, says Sada e Pakistan reporter Mohsin Zaheer. Some have been released but many are still in prison. (Also see news story from Gotham Gazette)

The Bloomberg Years
From the Haitian Times
This Haitian Times editorial page says Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was never a friend of the Haitian community and hopes that Michael Bloomberg will be more attentive.

No Time To Cut World Trade Center Workers
From the Irish Echo
The Irish Echo laments the clash between firefighters and police officers near the rubble of the World Trade Center.

The Maturity of Hispanic Voters
From Hoy
This editorial from Hoy asserts that in the mayoral election, Hispanic voters debunked traditional stereotypes. The Hispanic vote has become a powerful force that candidates must take seriously.

The Citizen #1: August 2001

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