As President George W. Bush continued to promote his "guest worker" proposal, which allows a temporary working visas for undocumented immigrants, his opponents in the U.S.Congress introduced an alternative proposal to tighten immigration restrictions. Many Republican congress members call the president's ideas "amnesty." (NY Times)

Among the people who can benefit from the president's plan are thousands of New York City's restaurant workers. A new report by the Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York and the New York Restaurant Industry Coalition shows that 36 percent of the workers are undocumented immigrants and most get paid below minimum wage. (NY Daily News)

Immigration status alone does not guarantee that an immigrant can get a job with a living wage. According to the Department of City Planning report, a quarter of adult New Yorkers cannot fluently speak English - a figure that has risen by 30 percent in the last 10 years. As a result, Many immigrants in New York are not able to succeed in primary or secondary education, or the job market.

In this February edition of The Citizen, we take a look at the profiles of New York City's immigrants, new immigrant communities in Flushing and Brighton Beach, Chinese and Sihk immigrants in New York's Bravest and a magazine cover causing a stir in Greenpoint. Stories from the Bengali, Chinese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish-language and Urdu press via our partner, Voices That Must Be Heard.

Foreign-Born Population
in New York City

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Immigrant City
From Gotham Gazette
Even though the city had attracted immigrants for decades, the foreign born population in New York City is now at an all time high at 3.2 million out of the city’s population of 8 million.

Sikh Corrections Officer
From India Abroad
Raja G.S. Rathour recently became the first Sikh to graduate as a New York corrections officer.

More Asians Officers
From Sing Tao Daily

Of the new 1,591 New York Police Academy graduates, seven percent are Asian, setting a record high for the number of Asian police officers in the city.

A Successful Public School in El Barrio
From Siempre
More than 150 teachers of the arts, administrators, and school directors from all over the country met in New York City to learn about the Heritage School, a “small school” in El Barrio.

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Magazine Cover Cost a Stir in Greenpoint
From Nowy Dziennik
Muslim owners of news kiosks refused to display Forum, a Polish weekly magazine, whose cover featured a half-naked woman surrounded by a group of traditionally dressed Muslim females.

Bangladeshi Landlords Face A Tenant Crisis
From Bangla Patrika
A growing trend within the Bangldeshi community of favoring apartment living has caused many rental homes owned by Bangladeshis in Astoria, Jamaica, Ozone Park and Brooklyn to remain empty

Korean-Chinese in Flushing
From Korea Daily News
Many Korean-Chinese immigrants have moved to Flushing in the last few years. They are now rapidly building a “Korean-Chinatown” in the area.

Life on Brighton Beach
From Yevreiski Mir
Immigrants from the former Soviet Union who settled in Brighton Beach are believed to be responsible for improving the standards of living there. Now the neighborhood is becoming more and more expensive

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The Rising Cost of Limos
From Pakistan News
New York Taxi and Limousine Commissioner met with members of the ethnic media to discuss the rising cost of limousines and insurance.

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