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The Citizen
The Citizen /February 01, 2006

Sending Money Home
From Sing Tao Daily
Money transfer activities by Chinese immigrants in New York are expected to reach $500 million during the Lunar New Year when Chinese traditionally give cash to family and friends.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg vetoed a bill that would require report cards and other school papers to be translated into up to nine different languages, arguing (among other things) that the Department of Education is already doing enough. But advocates for immigrants disagree, and the city council is expected to overide the veto this month.

Unskilled immigrants in New York tend to get the lowest paying jobs in the market, such as those in restaurants, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the past, newly arrived immigrants often found work in manufacturing, shipping and other industries that offered more benefits. "The typical jobs for immigrants with health benefits and union benefits don't exist anymore," said Frank J. Franz, president of the Belmont Small Business Association in the Bronx.

New York State will not receive $32.5 million in federal reimbursements for Medicaid cost the state paid for illegal immigrants who went to the hospital for emergency care between 2001 and 2004. The federal government, which pays for 50 percent of program costs, found many of the state's claims did not qualify as an emergency.

These stories and others from the Caribbean, Chinese, Polish , Russian, Spanish press via our partner, Voices That Must Be Heard.

School Translations
From Gotham Gazette
Mayor Michael Bloomberg has vetoed a bill, the Education Equity Act, that would translate report cards and other important school documents, and provide interpreters at school meetings. Deycy Avitia of the New York Immigration Coalition argues why the bill is needed.

City Council Challenges Bloomberg Translation Veto
From El Diario / La Prensa
Councilman Hiram Monserrate, who sponsored the Education Equity Act, announced that he expected to gather enough votes to overrule the mayor's January 19 veto.

Support for Translation Bill
From Super Express
Immigrant students and parents gathered on the steps of City Hall to press Bloomberg to sign a bill that would create a comprehensive translation and interpretation system in New York City public schools.

The Latest Immigration Hoax
From World Journal
A law firm in Flushing, Queens advertises a short-cut to citizenship through adoption by a Hawaiian Indian tribe.

Immigrants' Right To Vote
From Carib News
Advocates for non-citizen voting rights expressed hope that Blacks and immigrants play an integral role in reinstating voting rights for all legal residents.

Holy Cow
From India Abroad
A family in New York filed an appeal against a court injunction that asks them to remove cows, a sacred animal in Hinduism, from their property.

Chaos in Chinatown Drugstores
From World Journal
Patients in Chinatown had to wait twice as long to have their identity verified at local drugstores when the new Medicare prescription-drug program started.

No Husband, No Food Stamp
From Russian Bazaar
Female immigrants who are victims of domestic violence do not always receive the benefits to which they are entitled by law.

Women Immigrants Accuse Family Court of Discrimination
From El Diario
A group of female immigrants alleged that they have been discriminated against by Family Court, which ruled in favor of their white husbands when it came to granting custody of their children

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