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The Citizen
The Citizen /February 01, 2006

Life in New York City for Bangladeshi Street Vendors
From Desi Talk
Bangladeshis represent 18 percent of the 12,000 street vendors in New York City, according to a study. Those surveyed reported a median net income of approximately $7,500 a year, placing them in the bottom nine percent of wage earners in the country.

In his State of the Union Address, President George W. Bush once again urged Congress to pass the immigration reform bill that will help reduce illegal immigration and create legal opportunities that will keep the U.S. economy growing. While many immigrant advocates are optimistic that the New Democratic leadership will help pass the bill, some are skeptic. "There is no guarantee it will actually happen" said Albor Ruiz of the New York Daily News. "There is no certainty it will be the kind of comprehensive, rational and fair reform bill the country needs."

Governor Eliot Spitzer, in his inaugural address, spent some time praising immigrants of their contribution to New York State. But many immigrant supporters said they were disappointed that the governor failed to mention the difficulties undocumented immigrants face when applying for driver's license - an issue Spitzer promised to tackle during the campaign.

While many hopeful immigrants are waiting for new laws to pass, some take the matterin their own hands. A state Supreme Court Justice Karla Moskowitz ruled last month that eight day laborers - seven of which are undocumented immigrants - may file a lawsuit again a city construction company for back wages. Kel-Tech Construction Inc., the defendant, argued that the federal law bars immigrants who obtain employment with false documents from pursuing wage claims in court. But Justice Moskozitz said that "undocumented workers, no matter what kind of documents they proffered or did not proffer at the time of employment, may still collect the prevailing wage under New York Labor Law for work they have performed."

Below are stories from the Bengali, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish language press via our partner, Voices That Must Be Heard.

Tax Refunds Not for Everyone
From Nowy Dziennik
The Department of Consumer Affairs sent a letter to immigrants who did not apply for the Earned Income Tax Credit but failed to mention that benefits did not apply to taxpayers who use Individual Tax Identity Number instead of Social Security Number.

New Debit Card For Immigrants
From Hoy
A Workers' Organization offered a debit card that was especially created for immigrants who could not open a bank account.

Advocacy Group Challenges Government To Protect Immigrants' Privacy
From World Journal
The New York Immigration Coalition challenged the government in court on the legality of having immigrant status information transferred and stored into the National Crime Information Center Database.

Spitzer Urged To Revoke Driver's License Rule
From Sing Tao Daily
In his inaugural speech, Governor Eliot Spitzer praised the contributions of immigrants in New York state. However, he failed to mention one of the most important immigrant issues: the ID requirement when applying for a driver's license, which Spitzer promised during his campaign period to revoke the rule.

Immigrants Eligible For Aid At New York Hospitals
From Indian Express
A new January 1, 2007, ruling will force hospitals in New York state to provide health care to people who are uninsured or underinsured at discounted or very low rates and to inform patients about how much financial aid is available for their care.

Attacks On Mosques And Muslim-Owned Businesses Continue
From Weekly Thikana
The reports of attacks on an Islamic Center mosque and six Muslim-owned establishments in several states have many Muslim Americans concerned that such incidents may happen again.

Court Gives Closure to Chinese Community
From Sing Tao Daily
A judge sentenced one of two assailants, who beat up a couple of Chinese-American youths, to three-and-half years in prison with two years of probation

Crime Report on NYC Parks Scares Koreans
From Korea Times New York
Flushing Meadow Park, a long-time favorite destination for Korean community in queens, ranked as one of the the two most crime-ridden parks in the New York City area.

Child Abuse Among Mexicans in New York Worries Authorities
From El Diario / La Prensa
Immigrant affairs director of Administration for Children's Services said approximately 35 percent of the child abuse cases involve Hispanic families, with an alarming rate of abuses in the Mexican community.

Influx of Younger Mexicans Coming to New York Continues
From Diario de Mexico
More young Mexican immigrants continue to come to New York. According to the latest statistics, the Mexican population in the city is largely composed of mostly male, with an average age of 24.

English Exam Makes Things Difficult For Immigrant Children
From Hoy
Thousands of recently arrived city students with less than a year in
the school system are faced for the first time with the same test as
native speakers

Latina Voters Torn Between Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson
From El Diario / La Prensa
For the first time, Latina voters are asked to weigh the attributes of the two most important candidates of their party and choose between a woman and a Latino.

Woodside Cab Driver Builds School for Indian Girls
From Queens Courier
Sharma says that he simply did what he had to do -- build a school for girls in his hometown of Doobher Kishanpur, India, and donate nearly half of his income as a cab driver to its funding and operations.

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