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In this third edition of The Citizen, we offer a selection of articles from New York's immigrant and ethnic press, translated into English from Bengali, Chinese, Hebrew, Polish, Spanish and Thai - and news about the discovery downtown of ancient graffiti in Gaelic! There are also articles originally in English about the Haitian, Korean and Mexican communities. Many of these stories continue to offer a glimpse into the special repercussions of 9/11 for immigrant communities, from arrests to tuition hikes for the undocumented. But there is also advice for the new mayor, news about competitions won and protests launched, and an offer to sponsor pilgrims to Mecca from a combination grocery/Islamic bookstore in Jackson Heights.

January 2002

Gaelic Graffiti Discovered at South Street Seaport
From The Irish Echo
Irish immigrant construction workers discover graffiti on Fulton Street dating from shortly after the Civil War.

Reaction To Crown Heights Court Ruling
From New York Carib News
The Caribbean American community reacts to news that an appeals court has ordered a new trial for the two men (one of them Trinidadian) imprisoned for their role in the death of Yankel Rosenbaum during the 1991 Crown Heights riots. (See editorial about the case from The Jewish Week)

Thai Architects Will Redesign Queens Plaza
From Muang Nork
Two young Thai architects living in New York won a competition to design a less congested, more pedestrian-friendly Queens Plaza, using their experience growing up in gridlocked Bangkok, a metropolis infamous for horrendous traffic jams.

New Islamic Bookstore Sponsors Pilgrims To Mecca
From Weekly Bengalee
Trips to Mecca are being arranged by the owner of the first Bengali store to open in Jackson Heights, which is now a combination grocery store and Islamic bookstore, and has spawned 50 more Bengali stores within a five-block radius.

Move To Rid Chinatown Of Illegal Street Vendors
From World Journal
The fifth police precinct announced they will be cracking down on street vendors taking up the streets of Chinatown since Thanksgiving.

Two Chinese in City Hall
From Ming Pao (Daily News)
Mayor Michael Bloomberg has nominated Benjamin Chu, born in Chinatown, to lead the New York City Health and Hospital Corporation and Betty Wu, who was born in Taiwan, to be Commissioner of the Department of Employment.

Poles in Greenpoint Don't Feel Like Celebrating
From Nowy Dziennik
The time between Christmas and Ash Wednesday in February, called "karnawal," is a season of exuberant celebrations in Poland. But Poles in Greenpoint don't seem to be in a mood to party this year.

Latinos Resent Hasids
From El Diario/La Prensa
Latinos in Williamsburg oppose the plan to give the land where the Schaefer Brewery once stood over to a Hasidic organization that wants to build a housing project.

Gaffe By Local Television Station Enrages Koreans
From The Korea Times
Last November, New York television station WB-11 reported that Korean restaurants in New York were secretly serving dog meat to their customers. The dishes in question turned out to be goat. Now, outraged South Koreans plan to launch cyber attacks against the Warner Bros. web site.

An Urgent Kind of Hope
From Gotham Gazette
Esperanza Chacon's first name means "hope" in Spanish, and that is exactly what she tries to bring to thousands of the estimated half a million Mexicans in New York, where she works at Asociacion Tepeyac the only non-governmental organization protecting their rights. Her job title sums up what she does -- "urgent services director."

Immigrant Victims Of 9/11 Getting Help
From Asian Week
Immigrant worker organizations (led in part by Asociacion Tepeyac) aid the victims of Sept. 11, months after the collapse of the Twin Towers, across lines of class, race and immigration status.

City University Gets Tough On Undocumented
Gotham Gazette
After a review of its policies on foreign students prompted by the terrorist attacks of September 11, City University will start charging double tuition for undocumented immigrants, which may force many to drop out of school.

Immigrant Student Protest
From El Diario/La Prensa
There was a rally against City University plan to charge double tuition for undocumented immigrants.

How They Got The Story
From Gotham Gazette
The arrest of hundreds of young Israelis in the United States after September 11th was the biggest story Yediot America had ever covered. Its editor describes how the paper reported on the detentions and how the articles changed the Queens weekly.

The Israeli Terror Suspects
From Yediot America
Five Israeli movers found themselves in jail suspected of terrorism after a bystander reported them dancing and laughing as they looked across the Hudson at the burning World Trade Center.


Bloomberg Should Meet with Haitian Community
From the Haitian Times

Praise for Choice
From New York Carib News
Yvonne Graham, a Jamaican by birth and an American by naturalization, has been chosen deputy borough president of Brooklyn.

An Open Wound
From The Jewish Week
Reaction to the court ruling to the appeals court order of a new trial for the two men imprisoned for their role in the death of Yankel Rosenbaum during the 1991 Crown Heights riots. (See also news story on reaction from The New York Carib News)

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