resident George W. Bush is expected to unveil a new immigration policy before his trip to Mexico in January. The plan will create a new type of temporary work visa and an electronic job registry that would allow U.S. employers to post jobs for Americans as well as foreign workers. New visa holders would also have the same rights, wages, working conditions and protections as American workers. (Washington Post)

Last month Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed into law Intro 38 A that will require New York City Human Resources Administration to provide prompt interpretation to all non-English speakers who seek services, and to translate related documents into Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Korean and Creole (El Diario). According to census 2000, 47 percent of New Yorkers speak a language other than English at home.

In this January edition of The Citizen, we take a look at immigrants and New Year celebrations, online lottery visa confusion, immigrant children smuggling and protest against controversial video games. Articles from the Caribbean, Chinese, Irish and Spanish press, including stories from the Independent Press Association's "Voices That Must Be Heard."

Dragon and lion dancing is an essential part of the Chinese New Year celebration.

Immigrants and New Year
From Gotham Gazette
Many immigrants have their own ways of celebrating New Year by blending traditions they brought with them with those they found here.

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Breaking the Language Barrier
From El Diario
Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed a law guaranteeing equal access and interpreters to services provided by the city for those who don't speak English.

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Where do Asians Live?
From The World Journal
According to New York City Police Department, Flushing Queens has the largest Asian population in the city, followed by Elmhurst and Jackson Heights.

Crime rate rises for Koreans in Queens
From Korea Times New York
Recent statistics have shown an overall drop in New York City’s crime rate. But the numbers rise in some areas with high concentrations of Koreans.

Controversial Video Games
From New York Carib News
Haitian immigrants protested in front of Rockstar Entertainment's office in SOHO over the company's video game that portrays Haitians as evil drug dealers who should be wiped out.

Lottery Visa
From The World Journal
The Diversity Visa (DV) program, also known as the "green card lottery," raised some confusion among applicants who this year must file their cases and submit photos online.

Child Smuggling
From El Diario
Desperate to reunite with their children, some immigrants will pay to have their children smuggled across the border.

Homeland for the Holidays
From Irish Echo
Thousands of undocumented Irish immigrants are hunkering down for a Christmas an ocean away from family and loved ones in Ireland.

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Jobless Heroes
From In El Correo
Some workers who once cleaned trash and highly toxic debris that was left after the terrorist attack at the former World Trade Center site are sick and unemployed.

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