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The Citizen
The Citizen /January 01, 2006

Photo from The Sikh Coalition

Sikhs Turn Out in Force for Turban Bill
From News India-Times
Members of the American Sikh Consultative Forum (ASFC) turned up in force at City Hall on and testified in support of the Bill that will allow Sikh employees of City agencies to wear their turban at work.

An effort to help immigrant parents who don't speak English take part in their children education is facing an opposition from Mayor Michael Bloomberg. A bill passed by the City Council that would require report cards and other school papers to be translated into up to eight different languages was left unsigned by Bloomberg. The mayor is expected to wait until January, when eight new members are sworn into the 51-member body, throwing into question whether his opponents will be able to gather sufficient support to override the veto, according to the NY Sun.

Some members of the US House of Representatives last month proposed a change to long-standing federal policy and deny citizenship to babies born to illegal immigrants in the United States. Proponent argues that the Constitution's 14th Amendment granting citizenship to persons born in the United States was misapplied over the years and that it was never intended to grant citizenship automatically to babies of illegal immigrants.

Facing with different level of obstacles, many undocumented immigrants turned to fake identification. A 19-month undercover investigation by federal and local officials ended last month with the seizure of more than 5,000 forged documents and the indictment of 21 individuals. But hours later, dealers were reportedly back selling fake ids on the same Queens avenue that had been targeted in the bust.

These stories and others from the Bengali, Korean , Russian Spanish press via our partner, Voices That Must Be Heard.

Acceleration of Immigration Process Putting Country Security At Risk
From Russian Bazaar
The findings of the Center for Immigration Studies show that out of 94 terrorists, 20 were able to become U.S. citizens

Bangladeshi Commerce Thrives on Jackson Heights 73rd Street
From Weekly Thikana
Not long ago, 73rd Street in Jackson Heights, Queens was plagued with vandalism. But these days, the area -- known as the commercial capital of Bangladeshis living in North America-- is also one of the priciest areas in New York City.

Korean Male Immigrants at Nail Salon
From Korea Daily News
More male Korean immigrants are employed in jobs traditionally given to females.

Is Japantown coming to Long Island City?
From Queens Chronicle
Queens' Asian population has increased by 50 percent in the last 10 years, but despite New York's numerous ethnic neighborhoods, there's no Japantown.

City Bodegas Get Protection
From Latin Post
In an unprecedented plan, the United States Association of Bodega Owners will install thousands of cameras and sophisticated security systems in order to reduce the wave of violence plaguing this business sector.

Wave of Evictions in Upper Manhattan
From El Diario
According to the documents provided by the city's Civil Court, landlords in Upper Manhattan have taken a total of 16,221 families and businesses to housing court in eviction proceedings.


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