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Citizenship Test Quiz
From Gotham Gazette
Each year more than 600,000 immigrants take a citizenship test to become an American. Take our sample quiz to see how well you can do.

Waiting for A Green Card
From Gotham Gazette
To apply for citizenship, an immigrant must have a green card (permanent resident status). Some Chinese immigrants said that the process of getting one has become longer and more difficult in recent years.

ore than 13,000 Arab and Muslim men who have registered with immigration agencies earlier this year may now face deportation (New York Times).

Yet a Justice Department internal report reveals that the special registration program was "plagued with 'significant problems' that forced many people with no connection to terrorism to languish in jails in unduly harsh conditions" (New York Times).

Justice Department officials insisted that some detainees did have ties to terrorist groups. "The fact that an illegal alien was prosecuted for nonterrorism crimes or deported rather than prosecuted does not mean that the alien had no knowledge of or connection to terrorism," Michael Rolince, a top FBI official, told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

In this July edition of the Citizen, we take a look at demographic trends in Haitian, Chinese and Jewish neighborhoods, reaction to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's executive order allowing city agencies to report the undocumented to law enforcement officials, a nationwide campaign for immigrants' rights and a way to help North Korean refugees. Articles from the Chinese, French, Korean, Russian and Spanish press.

Executive Order
From Hoy
Reaction from public officials and immigrant communities to Executive Order 34 that allows city agencies to report immigration status to the federal government.

Chinese-English High School
From The World Journal
Hundreds of Chinese immigrants protested in front of City Hall demanding that the New York City Department of Education retain bilingual education at Seward Park
High School.

Bilingual Education
From El Diario
“It is about time,” Fernando Ferrer writes about the new plan for
bilingual education recently proposed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride
From The World Journal
A nationwide campaign to rally support for immigrant workers' rights has begun in New York City. They will travel by bus to different cities and meet with other support groups in September in Washington D.C.

President Bush Fund Raising Dinner
From Sing Tao Daily
Some immigrants protested outside of President Bush's fundraising dinner at a midtown hotel, while others were happy to attend the Republican gala.

Criminal Gang
From Novoye Russkoye Slovo
The U.S. District Court in Brooklyn indicted eight members of a criminal gang comprised of Russian immigrants on charges of racketeering, illegal gambling, loan-sharking and selling the drug Ecstasy.

One Year Later
From JoongAng
Some Korean parents believe that South Korea's success in the 2002 World Cup sparked interest in the country's culture among their children.

Income Level
From The World Journal
Flushing, one of the three largest Chinese American neighborhoods in New York City, has the highest income and most educated population, according to new census data.

The Haitian Community
From France Amerique
Some of the 300,000 Haitians living in Brooklyn speak French as well as Creole and English.

Jewish Population in Decline
From Novoye Russkoye Slovo
A new report shows that Jewish population in New York City has declined, despite a constant wave of immigrants from former Soviet republics during the 1990s.

Taking Pakistan Out Of Brooklyn
From The Next American City
Midwood, home of the country's largest Pakistani neighborhood, faces a decline after residents started to flee from the neighborhood.

Family Faces Deportation
From El Diario
Ten Ecuadorians, all members of the same family, face deportation, after being detained by FBI agents during a raid made in two apartments in Queens.

Support for North Korean Refugees
From JoongAng
Religious groups and other non-profit organizations in New York City are gathering funds for North Korean refugees. The money is being sent to organizations in China that care for the refugees.

Campaigns Against AIDS
From El Diario
Amelia Vega, the 2003 Miss Universe from the Dominican Republic, met with her compatriots as part of her campaign to educate others about the disease.


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