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The Citizen
The Citizen /July 01, 2006

Day Laborers Still Waiting for Creation of Job Centers
From El Diario
More than seven months after the creation of a municipal commission on day laborer job centers, that commission has yet to meet.

After several months of good news for undocumented immigrants, the US. Supreme Court reversed the trend in June by upholding the deportation of a Mexican man who lived in the United States for 20 years. Humberto Fernandez-Vargas was deported several times in the 1970s and 1980s but managed to return to the country and married a US citizen. But a 1996 law allows the government to expel aliens who have been deported at least once before and who then returned to the United States.

Many immigrants are facing various problems because of language barrier. A recent report found that housing code violations -- as well as complaints against landlords -- in New York immigrant communities are going unreported because the tenants can't speak English. Another report showed that many Spanish-, Creole- and Russian-speaking immigrants in the city were misdiagnosed and mistreated because they can't explain their symptoms to medical staff. Some immigrants have demanded that city provide more translation service to immigrants to address this problem.

These stories and others from the Bengali, Chinese, Korean, Russian and Spanish language press via our partner, Voices That Must Be Heard.

Immigrants Demand Funds for English and Legal Services
From El Diario
Hundreds of immigrants protested at City Hall demanding $10 million for English classes and legal and translation services for immigrant communities.

Language Barriers Threaten Immigrants Seeking Health Care
From Novoye Russkoye Slovo
According to a recent report, the language barrier in hospitals is a threat to the health of hundreds of thousands of Spanish-, Creole- and Russian-speaking immigrants.

Bangladeshis Personal Ads
From Weekly Thikana
Many marriages in the Bangladeshi-American community are made possible through personal ads.

Gay Immigrants In Chinatown
From World Journal
Gay Asian groups conducted a joint educational outreach in Chinatown. "There are gays, too, in the Asian immigrant community," said Alan Yep, co-chairman of GAPIMNY, referring to the stigma that drives many Asian homosexuals to hide their sexual orientation.

Jobs in Flower District
From Hoy
Over 60 percent of the Manhattan's Flower District's workers are Hispanic. Many said they prefer working g there because the workload is lighter than in restaurants and delis.

Can Korean Voters Make A Difference?
From Korea Times New York
If a Korean candidate can secure at least 50 percent of the Korean vote and draw on other voters in Flushing , it is a very that he or she can be elected in New York City.


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