JULY 2002
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| Gracias |

Speak Like
A New Yorker

From Gotham Gazette
Learn how to say thank you in the 18 top languages that New Yorkers speak.

oes New York remain the city of new immigrants? According to a report (Crain's New York Business) the number of immigrants coming to the city dropped by more than 30 percent this year. While the recent economic downturn and 9/11 were blamed for the immigration slump, experts said tighter visa regulations (Washington Post) and the security focus on immigrants of certain backgrounds, such as those from Yemen (NY Daily News) also scared away many prospective immigrants. Detentions and deportations continue to be a way of life, and the Supreme Court ruled (New York Times) late in June that the deportation hearings could be conducted in secret. Add to that the end of the excitement over the World Cup (Gotham Gazette), and there seems little for immigrants to be thankful for right now. But you can still hear them saying "thank you" -- thanks to this, the ninth edition of the Citizen.

One Story, Two Papers

Accident In Chinatown
From Sing Tao Daily
An accident in a factory in Chinatown resulted in one death and three injuries.

Patient Neglected
From El Diario
One of the victims also complained of poor medical attention at Bellevue Hospital.

A Working Education?
From Gotham Gazette
Some immigrant parents in New York City are concerned that their children are not learning the benefits of working, because of child labor laws.

Growing Pains
From World Journal
Chinese immigrants from Fujian Province flood New York public schools.

A Call for Health Care Coverage
From World Journal
Nearly two thousand Chinese and Hispanic immigrants protested in front of the U. S Courthouse, demanding medical coverage for residents in Chinatown and the Lower East Side affected by air contamination after Sept. 11.

At The End Of The Tunnel
From Hoy
An escape tunnel for smuggling undocumented immigrants was found at John F. Kennedy Airport.

We Aren’t Leaving!
From Hoy
Immigrants from Latin America rallied in front of the Immigration building downtown, demanding reform.

Feeling Like A "Floating Weed"
From USA Chosun
A Korean immigrant’s journey, from dreams of a job on Wall St. to the realities of working as everything from sushi assistant to computer network technician to cab driver.

Subway Sounds
From Ecuador News
In a subway station, the sounds of home spark an immigrant’s memories.

Senate Race In Caribbean Community
From Carib News
An analysis of The 20th Senate District in Brooklyn.

Delicious Dish Gone Wrong
From The Arab Voice
Community tidbits: One diner's delicacy is others' poison; getting a restraining order in Arabic.

Proving You're Gay
From Gotham Gazette
Afraid of harassment in their native land, gay immigrants are filing for political asylum. But even for those who are eventually granted it, the process is hectic and traumatic.

In The Shadow of the 7 Train:
A Look At The Ethnic Press

From Gotham Gazette
At a recent Queens forum, Columbia University School of Journalism Professor Sreenath Sreenivasan discussed the significance of the ethnic press before and after September11th.

2002 South Asian Journalists Association Convention
From News India Times
The convention closed with a guided tour of Ground Zero.

Flying While Arab
From The Arab Voice
The author’s "random" security search after presenting a Saudi Arabian passport.

Should the U.S. Decrease Aid to Israel?
From Russian TV Guide
Five Russian immigrants in New York City offering their strongly-worded views.

Goooaaal--Whenever, Wherever
From Gotham Gazette
Because of the World Cup’s brutal schedule, soccer fans in New York stayed up all night to catch their favorite teams.

Spirits Up
From Ecuador News
A happy ending despite defeat.

Ole Ole Oh Oh
From Irish echo
Irish in New York celebrate as the team passes through the second round.

A Virtual French Connection
From France-Amerique
There are 50,000 French living in New York, yet there is no French community, complained Laëtitia Longuefoss, who has created an online network to bring them together.

On The Street Where You Live
From Sing Tao Chinese Daily
Community members in Chinatown agreed to hire a cleaning company to combat the problem of garbage on the streets.

Filipino Tops Accountant Test
From Filipino Reporter
A Filipino immigrant scored the highest in the New York State Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination.

We call this section The Citizen because all New Yorkers are citizens of the city, whatever their federal immigration status. We thus restore the word "citizen" to its root in the word "city."

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