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The Citizen
The Citizen /May 01, 2006

Coming Out of The Shadow
From Gotham Gazette
What started as a protest against a bill turned out to be a series of massive marches for immigrant rights. A photo essay on Immigrants in New York City.

May 1 Boycott's Impact Still Uncertain
From La Opinion
Many people are asking whether the Day Without Immigrants boycott was worth it. Did it have an economic impact? And who, after all, did the boycott really hurt?

The U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives are scheduled to meet this month to work out their differences over the immigrantion reform bill. The Senate passed in May a bill that would allow undocumented to stay in the country and apply for permanent resident status. Supporters said the bill could "lead to the most far-reaching overhaul of immigration laws in the nation's history"

But leaders of the US House of Representatives, who passed another version of the bill last year, said they would never support a bill that gives illegal immigrants a chance at American citizenship and that a tough saction needed to enforced on employees who hired illegal immigrants.

Meanwhile, in the month sincethe Department of Homeland Security announced that it was stepping up efforts targeting employers who hire undocumented workers, New York immigrant comminties have expressed fear that federal agents are raiding restaurants and work places to arrest illegal immigrants.

These stories and others from the Chinese, Korean, Polish, Russian and Spanish language press via our partner, Voices That Must Be Heard.

Regents Exams and English Language Learners
From Gotham Gazette
Fewer high school students who are in the process of learning English take the Regents exams, those who take the exams are more likely to fail, and those who do pass are more likely to pass the exams with lower scores. That is why New York is offering the tests in several native languages.

American Idyll (For Foreign Artists)?
From Gotham Gazette
"Taylor and Kat and Ace and Mandisa and Bucky knew what it took to become an American Idol," Jonathan Mandell writes. "But for Dusanka and Illana and Valeria and Nao and other foreign artists, the rules for becoming an American -- or even just performing in America -- can be excruciating."

Immigrant Work Force
From Novoye Russkoye Slovo
According to Steven Camarota, an expert at the Center for Immigration Studies, the vast majority of positions for unskilled workers are still held by Americans.

Dry Cleaners Make Six Figure
From Korea Times New York
Korean dry-cleaning business owners average $200,000 in annual sales, said a report issued by the Korean-American Drycleaner Business Association.

Street Vendors Demand More Licenses
From El Diario / La Prensa
The number of licenses for street vendors was set over two decades ago. Since 1979 there have been 853 licenses for selling general merchandise, and today there are thousands of vendors on the waiting list hoping for a license.

Will Government Crack Down on Businesses That Hire Undocumented?
From Russian Bazaar
"Over the last decade, employers who hire undocumented workers have been threatened only periodically every two to three years," said the Russian Bazaar. But little changes.

Fed Crackdown in Chinatown Scares off Fujianese Immigrants
From Ming Pao Daily News
Three Internet cafes, two restaurants and one illegal gambling parlor on East Broadway were closed down by the police for various reasons.

A New Wave of Puerto Rican Migration?
From Hoy
The economic crisis in Puerto Rican government has forced many to pack their bags and come to New York seeking work.

U.S. Visas Issued to Polish Citizens in Record Numbers
From Nowy Dziennik
The U.S. government issued as many as 120,000 visas to Polish citizens in 2005, which was 11,000 more than 2004.

Filipino Americans Push for More Family Visas
From Filipino Express
Filipino Americans are urging U.S. legislators to work for faster processing of family visas. Morethan 70 percent of all Filipinos who move to the United States apply for family visas.

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