JUNE 2002
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Immigrants detained at Ellis Island, taking time to be happy, 1905.
Photo by Lewis Hine, NYPL

ew York City in all its diversity is captured in the headlines of the June edition of the Citizen. Stories from the immigrant press include African, Bengali, Caribbean, Chinese, Irish, Haitian, Polish, Russian and Spanish newspapers. Our original stories delve into the detention of South Asian and Arab immigrants, the impact of welfare reform and why Muslim parents are worried about their children. Beginning this month, we also offer a summary of news about immigrants from the mainstream press.

Out Of Sight But Not Out Of Mind
From Gotham Gazette
South Asian and Arab Immigrants arrested for visa violations in the government’s terrorism investigations remain in detention centers or jails in New York and New Jersey.

"Accidents" Happen
From Hoy
Three Latinos were "accidentally" killed during the last two weeks when they were in police custody.

Tough Love
From World Journal
Parents in three Chinese families have been recently reported by school teachers for child abuse because of their use of physical punishment when disciplining their children.

Watch Out
From Hoy
A scam artist, who promised to expedite residency and citizenship paperwork with the help of a supposed senator in Washington, faces a first degree fraud charge.

Come Rain Or Come Shine
From Nowy Dziennik
Even bad weather didn’t stop 6,000 people from showing up for the first Polish festival ever held in Staten Island.

Sinn Fein Supporters Celebrate As Results Trickle In
From Irish Echo
Irish immigrants gathered at a bar in midtown Manhattan, waiting for the results of the Irish 2002 Election.

Immigrant City
The latest Census Bureau statistics indicate one of every ten New Yorkers is Asian and more than one-third are foreign-born.

Asian Immigration Surges
From World Journal

Thirty-Six Percent Of New Yorkers Are Immigrants
From Bangla Patrika


Tuberculosis Found to Be More Common in NYC Immigrants
From Reuters

Immigration and Naturalization Service New York Office to Get Help With Backlog
From The Washington Post

U.S. Search Finds 585 Deportee 'Absconders'
From The Washington Post

A Profile Of The New Commissioner Of Immigrant Affairs Sayu Bhojwani
From The New York Times

Welfare Reform And Immigrants
From Gotham Gazette
How are immigrants faring after the welfare reform? Some experts think they have the answers.

Native Speaker
From Gotham Gazette
Korean American author Chang-Rae Lee explains how a yearning for pizza, bagels and sushi resulted in a book that all New Yorkers might have been assigned to read.

Imam Knows Best.
From Gotham Gazette
Worrying that American culture would "corrupt" their kids, many West African immigrants enrolled their children in after-school Islamic centers.

Out Of America
From African Abroad
A Nigerian dad insists that the best place for African immigrants to raise their kids is Africa.

Housing Struggle
From Russian Forward
A letter to a Russian newspaper asks the editors for help with a housing problem.

Take Your Chance
From NY Carib News
State Senator Malcolm A. Smith encouraged minority and women to take advantage of a new program aiming to help small businesses.

We call this section The Citizen because all New Yorkers are citizens of the city, whatever their federal immigration status. We thus restore the word "citizen" to its root in the word "city."

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