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The Citizen
The Citizen /March 01, 2006

City Council's First Haitian Member
From Gotham Gazette
A City Council election in Brooklyn last week gave the council its first Haitian member. With Mathieu Eugene's victory, Haitian New Yorkers gained a toehold in elected government. But first Eugene must weather a controversy over his place of residence.

It will cost more to get a green card -- if the US Citizenship and Immigration Service can push through its proposal to increase filing fees for more than two dozen forms. The fee for permanent resident application will go up from $350 to a total cost of up to $645, while the cost of applying for citizenship will go up 66 percent. The price is "out of financial reach of thousands of immigrant workers and families," said Albor Ruis of the Daily News. " It is as if yet another door is about to close in their faces."

Hundreds of students and immigrant supporters marched near Washington Square Park to protest a game created by NYU Republican student group. "Catch the Illegal Immigrant" asks participants to search on campus to find the student wearing an " illegal immigrant" nametag.College Republicans said they only want to increase awareness of the issue.

Mathieu Eugene became the first Haitian elected to the City Council. Dr. Eugene's victory signals a departure from the past, when infighting plagued Haitian political candidates, said the co-founder and former publisher of Haiti Observateur, Raymond Joseph. "They will find out when they get together they can have victory."

Below are stories from the Chinese, Korean, Polish, Russian and Spanish language press via our partner, Voices That Must Be Heard.

ATM Cards for the Undocumented
From Russian Bazaar
An increasing number of banks now allow undocumented immigrants to open accounts without requiring social security number. "Undocumented workers represent a nice chunk of business for banks," said Chane Peterson, executive vice-president at the Banco Popular

Money Transfer Requirements Impact Chinese Immigrants
From World Journal
Giving money to relatives is a custom during Chinese New Year. But many Chinese immigrants can't wire money back home because they do not meet identification requirements.

Immigrants Boost Local Economy, Says Report
From El Diario/La Prensa
Immigrants were responsible for the growth of small businesses from 1990 to 2000. During this decade, the number of small businesses owned by U.S.-born decreased by 7 percent (15,657 people) while those owned by foreign-born residents increased by 53 percent (64,001 people), according to a report by Center for an Urban Future.

No Spanish on the Job
El Diario / La Prensa
A group of Hispanic workers accused the managers of an apartment complex in Manhattan of harassing them when they spoke Spanish during working hours.

Funding for ESL Programs
From Nowy Dziennik
Only one-third of New York City schools provide appropriate English language classes for immigrant children, according to New York Immigration Coalition Some schools that are given funds for to offer such programs never use the money.

Giuliani Asks for Legalization of Immigrants
From Diario de Mexico
Presidential candidate and former mayor , Rudolph Giuliani, said that undocumented immigrants who are currently in the country should be legalized.

Construction Sites in Need More Workers
From Russian Bazaar
The construction industry needs undocumented immigrants, said a new report by The New York Building Congress. Officials said that the city already is experiencing a shortage of construction workers, 47 percent of whom are immigrants.

Housing Crisis Foreclosures Hit Caribbean Home Owners
From Carib News
Real estate agents and some mortgage finance companies are taking advantage of the desire among West Indians to acquire a piece of property.

Immigration Authorities Warn Against Con Artists
From Nowy Dziennik
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service has issued a warning against con artists who offer legal help in handling visa applications based on the non-yet-existent Guest Worker Visa Program.

Jump In Immigration Fees
From Carib News
The unconscionable increases are just another obstacle that Washington is placing in the path of hardworking foreign-born residents, in a deliberate effort to prevent them from getting their legal status, according to the author.

Koreans Rely on Community To Solve Immigration Problems
From Korea Times New York
Many new Korean immigrants, who are not fluent in English, exchange legal information and help each other with immigration application cases, instead of consulting lawyers.

The Lack of Minorities in Spitzer Adminstration
From World Journal
Since the end of 2006, Governor Eliot Spitzer has been naming key appointees in his administration. But of the nearly 60 appointees so far, no Chinese or Asian has been named to the top echelon.



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