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The language barrier is in the news, endangering New Yorkers' health, welfare and safety. In this fifth edition of The Citizen, we report on steps to overcome that barrier, with a new bill that would require all city agencies to have interpreters, a Latino immigrant group suing two Brooklyn hospitals for not speaking their patients' languages,a police precinct holding a training session for Chinese restaurant delivery men who are being robbed, and AIDS workers struggling to present the message of prevention and treatment across the great divide of language. We ourselves make the effort once again to cross that divide, with articles translated into English from Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Polish and Spanish, and stories of New Yorkers from Afghanistan, the Dominican Republic, Japan and Korea. Along with language, comes a little literature -- including an essay by Kahlil Gibran on what it takes to be a good citizen.

March 2002

Asian Immigrants Protest:
"Brown Skin Is Not A Sin"

From World Journal
Asian immigrants are among those protesting the detention of immigrants since September 11.

FBI And INS To Cooperate In Immigrant Sweep
From Ma'ariv America


A Grand New Stage For NYC Politicians
From Hoy

Seeking Dominican Support
From El Diario

Governor George Pataki and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo both campaigned for the first time in the Dominican Republic.

No Firecrackers For The Year Of The Horse
From World Journal

Chinese New Year Brought People Back
From Ming Pao Daily

Even without the use of firecrackers to bring good fortune, the Chinese New Year's celebration still attracted many visitors to Chinatown and helped boost business in an area hard hit by 9/11.

Show Me the Money
From El Diario
An advocacy group demands details of how money was distributed among the families of the victims of American Airlines Flight 587.

Delivery Man Blues
From World Journal
Police officers of the 50th precinct in the Bronx hold a training session with Chinese restaurant owners to try to stem the rising number of robberies against Chinese delivery men.

Stop The Trash
From El Diario
Congressman Jose Serrano has asked Mayor Bloomberg not to transfer trash from Queens to the Bronx.

A Puerto Rican To Head Crime Control Commission
From Hoy
Mayor Bloomberg appointed Jose Maldonado to lead the anti-crime agency.


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A New Bill to Help Non-English Speakers
From Gotham Gazette
With over 20 percent of New Yorkers speaking very little English, a new bill would require all city agencies to provide interpreters.

Latino Groups Sue Brooklyn Hospitals
From Hoy
A lawsuit charges that a failure to speak the patients' languages results in inadequate medical care.

Help Wanted But Not Delivered
From Gotham Gazette
Social service and government agencies are ill-prepared to meet the diverse needs of South Asian immigrants, says Sayu Bhojwani, the founder of South Asian Youth Action.

HIV and AIDS in Asian and Pacific Communities
From Gotham Gazette
Although only 778 Asians and Pacific Islanders are officially living with HIV and AIDS in New York City, experts say the real number is much higher and the people are difficult to reach.

"New York City Is Its Own Country"
From Mr Bellers Neighborhood
A story of an Afghani immigrant's life after 9/11.

Kahlil Gibran's Message to Young Syrian Americans
From Syrian World
An essay by the author of "The Prophet," which is part of an exihibition on Arab American New Yorkers at the Museum of the City of New York.

A Strategic View
From The Arab Voice
A look at the American Muslim political agenda.

American Dreams
From Nowy Dziennik
Lured by glamorous images of life in America, Polish immigrants find it tougher to find a good job when they are actually here.

Local Girl Made Good
From Chosun Ilbo
A Korean American from New York has been elected to lead the Harvard student body.

Korean Artists To Hit The US Airwaves
From Chosun Ilbo
National Public Radio invites Sejong Soloist, a New York based chamber ensemble led by Kim Tae-ja, to conduct a week-long performance on the air..

If You Can Make Up Here, You Can Make Up Anywhere
From Asahi News
A Japanese makeup artist attributes her success to the city she has grown to love.

We call this section The Citizen because all New Yorkers are citizens of the city, whatever their federal immigration status. We thus restore the word "citizen" to its root in the word "city."

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