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Cinco De Mayo
From Gotham Gazette

Often mistaken as a Mexican independence day, Cinco de Mayo is actually a celebration of the 1862 Battle of Puebla, where Mexican soldiers defeated the occupying French army.

even of the servicemen killed in the war in Iraq, including U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant Riayan Tejeda, 26, from Washington Heights, were immigrants. Their deaths brought attention to the 36,000 non-citizen soldiers who fight for a country in which they do not have the right to vote. Congress is now introducing bills to reduce the time that these soldiers must wait to become citizens.

Congress also reversed a law it passed in 1996, which prevented even legal immigrants from obtaining food stamps. Now, low-income immigrants, who have been legal residents for five years are eligible for food stamps. (New Yorkers can determine their eligibility by contacting the Food Bank ) Beginning in October, immigrant children can receive food stamps no matter how long they have lived here.

While many immigrants and advocacy groups hailed these actions by Congress as steps forward for immigrant rights, there were set backs as well. Attorney General John Ashcroft instructed the Department of Justice that undocumented immigrants, even ones with no links to terrorist organizations, can be detained indefinitely for national security. ( Newsday). Ashcroft "is giving himself a lot of authority here, authority he may not have under law," said Crystal Williams of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Less than a week later, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that the government can imprison legal immigrants without bail if they are subject to deportation (NY Times).

In this edition of The Citizen, we take a look at the impact of SARS on the Chinese immigrant community, the true meaning of the Cinco de Mayo celebration, Russian-Jewish immigrants’ quest to live in Israel and American women’s views on Arab men. Articles from the Arabic, Chinese, French, Polish, Korean, Russian and Spanish language press.

SARS In Chinatown?
From Gotham Gazette
Chinese immigrants in New York City are worried about their families in China and about their struggling businesses in Chinatown.

Chinatown Residents Sue Police Department
From The World Journal
A coalition representing residents in Chinatown and the nearby neighborhood filed a law suit in the New York State Court of Appeals against the police department for closing Park Row.

Tough Luck
From Gotham Gazette
Stricter immigration policy turns airports into detention centers and scares many immigrants from traveling outside the country.

Praying for Amnesty
From El Diario
Hundreds of Catholic immigrant New Yorkers celebrated the “Way of the Cross of Immigrants” in memory of the people who died in their struggle to live outside of their own country. At the same time they are praying for a general amnesty for all undocumented immigrants.

Returning to Israel
From Novoye Russkoye Slovo

A decade or more after they left the Soviet Union for America, many Russian-speaking Jewish immigrants in New York City are packing up their bags to settle in Israel.

Flushing BID plan
From The World Journal
Queens Community Board 7 voted "yes" on establishing Flushing as a Business Improvement District. Some area business owners, however, are calling the plan inappropriate during a time of recession and tax cuts.

Korean Town
From JoongAng
From restaurants to DVD shops, Korean businesses are attracting more and more customers of other Asian descent.

French Boycott
From France-Amerique
NYC & Company and French restaurants have started a campaign to counter anti-French sentiment.

Is Dating An Arab Man Unpatriotic?
From Aramica
A columnist surveys American women's views of Arab men.



Immigrant Soldiers
From Gotham Gazette
Sergeant Riayan A. Tejada was one of seven non-citizen soldiers killed in combat in Iraq. Their deaths have brought attention to the history of immigrants in the U.S. military and inspired a renewed call to help them become citizens.

Dominican Blood Spilled In Iraq
From El Diario
The family of Sergeant Riayan A. Tejada reacts to his death.

“In Uniform, All of Us Are American”
From Hoy
Five men and one woman, all Hispanic members of wings 320 and 363 of the U.S. Air Force, spoke by telephone with various journalists from Hispanic media.

Budget Cut
From Singtao Daily
English and citizenship classes for elderly Chinese New Yorkers are being cancelled because of Mayor Bloomberg's budget cuts.

Lead Paint Legislation
From El Diario
Among the ten Hispanic members of the NewYork City Council, the only one who has not supported legislation on lead poisoning is Erik Malave Dilan, who represents District 37 in Brooklyn.

Korean Lobbyists
From JoongAng
Korean-American activists are organizing across generations to form their own lobbying group.

When Will They Liberate New York?
From Nowy Dziennik
“Perhaps the American soldiers, having liberated Baghdad and Iraq, before they return to their wives and fiancées could stop by New York for a moment and liberate us from the anti-smoking despotism of Bloomberg."

Hispanic Youth Overexposed To Alcohol Ads
From El Diario
Hispanic youth under the age of 21 hear 34 percent more radio advertisements in English for alcohol than do adults of legal age, according to a new report.

Drug Addition Treatment
From Poleznaya Gazeta (The Useful Newspaper)
A Russian journalist interviews one of the specialists behind Iskhod, a new treatment for drug addiction specifically designed for New York City's Russian-speaking population.

Reaction to High School Violence
From Singtao Daily
The recent attacks on Chinese students at Flushing's John Browne High School have prompted a petition signed by over 250 of its students and strong words from a public official.


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