llen Street in the Lower East Side will soon have a second name: Avenue of the Immigrants. The City Council passed one of their famous renaming bills last month as a part of an attempt to re-create the street as a “grand boulevard” and honor the neighborhood’s immigrant her itage, reported the New York Sun.

Also last month, Mayor Michael Bloomberg came out against giving immigrants the right to vote in New York City elections before they become citizens. His decision put him at odds with other local officials and immigrant groups who are pushing for immigrant suffrage.

A new study by Center for New York City Affairs shows that immigrant children suffer disproportionately from environmental health problems such as asthma and lead poisoning. Immigrant children represented 22 percent of the 628 new pediatric lead cases identified by the city Department of Public Health in 2002.

In this May edition of The Citizen, we take a look at difficulties facing immigrants who need to drive, crimes against Chinese deliveryman, what Bangladeshis are watching on TV and an interview with Russian police officers . Articles from the Bengali, Chinese, Korean, Polish, Russian and Spanish press, including stories from the Independent Press Association's "Voices That Must Be Heard."

Salaam New York
From Time Out New York
The South Asian community is spicing up NYC art and culture like never before

Marketing To South Asians
From The New York Times
The producers of "Bombay Dreams" have been diligently courting South Asians through traditional channels (like direct mail) and some less orthodox approaches.

What’s on TV?
From Weekly Thikana
A new survey shows that many Bangladeshis are dissatisfied with American television and choose to buy access to programs telecast directly from India to New York.

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New Policy, New Problem
From Gotham Gazette
Undocumented immigrants who used fake social security numbers to apply for driver licenses must now report to the Department of Motor Vehicles or risk having their license suspended.

"Don't Take Away Our Licenses"
From Nowy Dziennik
Pro-immigrant activists, including many Poles, gathered to protest against New York State's new rules.

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Coming to America
From JoonAng
The number of ethnic Korean Chinese immigrated illegally to the United States has been increasing, despite the high cost that must be paid to smugglers

“Stop the Detentions”
From El Diario
Groups of immigrants protested the recent arrests of undocumented immigrants in local airports.

One More Chinatown
From The World Journal
The Chinese population in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, has grown so rapidly in recent years that it is now called the second Chinatown in the borough.

From Gotham Gazette
The police department has begun conducting an ongoing series of outreach programs specifically designed to protect Chinese deliverymen, who have been targets of violent attacks.

Russian Police Officers
From New Russian Word
A transcript of an interview with Gennadiy Ladizhinsky, the president of The Association of Russian-speaking Policemen of New York.

Spa Blues
From JoonAng
Employees of the ‘best’ spa filed a lawsuit against the Korean owner on charges of abuse and not paying wages.

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High Cost, "Slow" Service
From Hoy
The Bureau of Citizenship and Immigrant Services increased the price of some 35 services it provides.

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