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The Citizen
The Citizen /May 01, 2006
New York Speaks Up For Immigrants
From El Diario / La Prensa
Dozens of activists and politicians demanded that the U.S. Senate put an end to its political games and implement a comprehensive immigration reform that would legalize the more than 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.
City Council's Resolution
From El Diario / La Prensa
The Council passed a resolution denouncing an immigration reform bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives as an "ineffective means of immigration reform."

Battle Brews Over Immigration Reform
From Caribbean Life
"There will be no comprehensive reform proposal approved by the U.S. Congress during this session -- or any session in the near future -- because the immigration restrictionists have seized the debate," said Tom Barry, policy director for the International Relations Center (IRC).

Amnesty For The Undocumented Is The Only Solution
From Latin Post
" When the Republican immigration reform becomes law, all [undocumented immigrants] will be arrested, along with those who use bathrooms," said an editorial in the Latin Post. "Turning more than half of the population into felons is completely ridiculous."

New Immigration Law Is A Shock for New Yorkers
From Novoye Russkoye Slovo
The new immigration law under discussion by legislators in Washington will directly affect more than half a million New Yorkers. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, there are about 650,000 illegal immigrants who live in New York State and 520,000 of them live in New York City.

Immigration Talks Ignore Anti-Gay Bias
From NY Blade
Same-sex couples, unlike their straight counterparts, cannot get married to attain U.S. citizenship. This leaves many couples divided by national borders.

An Immigration Reform Bill in debate in Congress sparked several protests across the country -- two marches in New York City alone -- and a one-day boycott where immigrants are encouraged to take a day off work.

Earlier last month, support in the Senate for the Kennedy-McCain bill, favored by immigrant advocates, appeared to have died down. But leading senators from both parties promised to revive the sweeping reform bill.

A few weeks later, immigrants got a big boost from President George Bush when he, reportedly, said that he favors plans to give undocumented immigrants a path to a green card without leaving the country. According to senators who attended a recent White House meeting, the president does not want to be more publicly supportive because of opposition among conservative House Republicans.

These stories and others from the Chinese, Polish, Russian and Spanish language press via our partner, Voices That Must Be Heard.

Immigrant Services And Their Funding
From Gotham Gazette
As negotiations continue over New York Cityís next budget, immigrant advocates are looking closely at the funding given for what is called the Immigrant Opportunities Initiative, which gives money to more than 100 non-profit organizations for two services specifically geared to immigrants -- English classes and legal services

Boycott of Anti-Immigrant Businesses
From Diario de Mexico
The boycott of anti-immigrant businesses scheduled for May 1 will show the importance of the Latino presence, says Activist Dolores Huerta.

Immigrants: We Are America
From Nowy Dziennik
Thousands of immigrants walked in groups from Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn, Washington Square and Chinatown to rally against the proposed changes, which would make the immigration laws stricter and turn illegal immigrants into felons.

Thousands of Chinese Immigrants Joined New York Rally
From World Journal
Chinese immigrants turned out in large number after Chinese leaders spent many days of organizing and encouraging members of their community.

Greenpoint Polish Residents On Immigration Reform
From Nowy Dziennik
The Polish newspaper conducted a street poll, asking residents in Greenpoint about their thoughts on immigration reform.

Divergence in U.S. Press Coverage Of Immigration
From El Diario / La Prensa
Over the past weeks the massive and historic demonstrations pushing for immigration reform have had major effects on media coverage.

Faster Deportation
From Novoye Russkoye Slovo
A growing number of local legislators and law enforcement agents are taking steps to speed up the deportation of undocumented immigrants who have been arrested.

Dropout Trend Among Latino Students
From Impacto Latin News
Each year one-third of U.S. high school students fail to complete their studies. Nearly half of these students are Black and Hispanic.

Hispanic Workers Fired by Chinese Employer Unionize
From World Journal
Most Chinese-owned supermarkets, restaurants, and food wholesale companies employ Hispanic workers to do the heavy and dirty work. These workers receive low wages, work long hours and have no health insurance, said immigrant advocates.

New York Restaurants Break Labor Laws, Report Says
From El Diario / La Prensa
A study said that owners of many restaurants violate basic legal requirements, by not paying minimum wage and over time or training employees properly.

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