housands of people are expected to gather in Flushing Meadows Corona Park on Saturday, October 4 for the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride, a civil-rights inspired bus campaign that travels around the country to promote immigrants rights (Hoy).

Mayor Michael Bloomberg broadened privacy rights for immigrants when he replaced his four-month old executive order with a new policy that bars city's workers from asking New Yorkers' immigration status or reporting undocumented aliens. (Gotham Gazette).

For every ten foreigners issued an order of deportation, only six are removed, according to Anthony Tangeman, director of the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, whose job is to find people who have disappeared (Associated Press).

In this October edition of The Citizen, we take a look at protests surrounding immigrant issues, spirituality in immigrant communities and immigrant reaction to the second anniversary of 9/11. Articles from the Bengali, Chinese, French, Korean and Spanish press, including stories from the Independent Press Association's "Voices That Must Be Heard."

Dalai Lama in New York
From the World Journal
Thousands of New Yorkers flocked to Central Park to listen to the Tibetan spiritual leader.

Iranian Jews
From Gotham Gazette
Jewish Immigrants find the "American" synagogue welcoming but their practices are often unfamiliar, especially during the High Holy Days.

Worship Space
From SangGyo Jung
Many Korean churches will have to relocate because of a new zoning proposal requiring churches in residential area to have at least one parking spot for every 10 to 15 people.

Christian Conference
From Bangla Patrika
Bangladeshis from all over North American gathered in Jamica, Queens for the first Bengali Christian Conference.

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Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride
From Hoy
An organizer of Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride talks about the nation-wide mobilization that seeks to garner respect for the rights of immigrants.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The Second Anniversary
From France-Amerique
French politicians visited New York to commemorate the second anniversary of 9/11 attacks.

September 11th And Immigrants
From El Sol News
"What we were left with were more bad things than good ones," writes a columnist. "[Immigrants] are now the ones who are paying the price of this disaster."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Low Voter Turnout
From Joong Ang
Many Koreans in Flushing did not vote in the primary election.

Consulate ID
From Hoy
As Mexican consulates continue to issue the controversial consular I.D. card, some raise questions regarding its security and usefulness.

New Executive Order
From Gotham Gazette
After months of intense pressure from immigrant advocacy groups and
the City Council, Mayor Michael Bloomberg issued a new executive order prohibiting city workers from reporting anyone's immigration status.

Protest Against Backlog
From The World Journal
Immigrants gathered in front of the Federal Office Building to protest what they believe is an excessive delay of the naturalization process.

Selling The Patriot Act
From El Diario
Attorney General John Ashcroft's visit to New York, as part of the effort to promote The Patriot Act, was met with protest from civil liberities and immigrant groups.

Language Assistance
From Hoy
Immigrants demonstrated in front of New York City’s Human Resources Administration and City Hall in support of Intro 38, a bill that would provide language assistance at all city agencies.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Unification In New York
From SangGyo Jung
An organization created by the Korean government to promote Korean unification in New York came under attack from critics who argue that the organization, like many Korean American groups, does not do its job well.

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