September 11th and Immigrants
From El Sol News
September, 2003


Even after two years, we still have not been able to recuperate from the monstrous and cowardly assassination of more that three thousand innocent people in the destruction of the Twin Towers, an event that has shook us to the innermost depths of our hearts.

It was an offense from another world. Even the best writers, the best literati, the best philosophers, or any academic or poet in the universe could not find the precise words to describe such the monstrosity perpetuated by Osama bin Laden, who demonstrated that he is the reincarnation of Satan

But moving on: “A lo hecho, pecho”/ “What is done is done”, as we say in our countries. We can not spend our time complaining and lamenting something that we can do nothing about at this point.

Now the important thing is to understand that what September 11th left behind, for better or worse, was an experience that split into two the history of the United States and a big part of the world.

I think that in the following years what we were left with were more bad things than good ones, inverting the popular saying: “No hay mal que por bien no venga” / “Something good always comes from something bad.” This time we were not able to achieve anything good from the bad, because things in this country have gone from bad to worse in all aspects of life, especially in the economic sphere and civil liberties. The economy is declining and the rights of immigrants are neglected and trampled over by a government operating under the pretext of preserving national security.

In addition to the negative impact on the lives of all people living within the United States, September 11 has affected immigrants in particular. They are now the ones who are paying the price of this disaster.

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Translated from Spanish by Valeria Treves

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