he New York Department of Motor Vehicles is reviewing a proposal for a limited "Immigrant Driver Permit" that could allow hundreds of thousands of drivers now facing license suspension to stay on the road legally. Earlier this year the department began crosschecking drivers’ Social Security numbers and found many immigrants using faking ones to obtain drivers' licenses.

Governor George Pataki signed a new law that would regulate immigration-consulting businesses. Under the law, they must be insured for $50,000, allowing law-enforcement officials to recover damages from them. The law also requires them to provide language translations for clients.

Ads in six languages began running in late September to encourage immigrants to use 311, the city's complaint and information line. About 2.2 percent of the 678,000 calls made on average each month to 311 are from non-English speakers.

The meaning of the presidential election to immigrants, the right to speak Spanish at work, the elderly in Chinatown and a credit card scam targeting Hispanic immigrants -- articles from the Bengali, Caribbean, Chinese, Russian and Spanish-language via our partner, Voices That Must Be Heard.

President George W. Bush and Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry 's live images are broadcast on the ABC jumbo tron in Times Square during the 2004 presidential debate.

Fighting the Fear of Voting
From Gotham Gazette
Jackson Heights and the area around it has the lowest number of registered voters -- but more voters are registering here than almost anywhere else in the city

No Room for Immigrants in Presidential Race
From Hoy
In this election campaign, both parties are skirting the issue of immigration reform. How much longer can the needs of millions of undocumented immigrants be ignored?

Caribbean For Kerry
From Weekly Gleaner
A group calling itself “Caribbean for Kerry” is pulling out all stops to mobilize Caribbean persons living in the U.S. to vote in the upcoming elections.

Bush Has Friends Among Russians
The Jewish Week
A survey of Russian Jews in New York City found that 54 percent of Jews from the former Soviet Union would vote for Bush and 14 percent for Kerry, with 25 percent undecided.

Patients' Rights
From Bangla Patrika
NYC hospitals say no to Federal requiring information on patients’ immigration status.

Hospitals Provide Translation
From Hoy
After one-and-a-half-years of negotiations, three Brooklyn Hospital signed an agreement with the aim of providing non-English-speaking patients with translation services.

Elderly in Chinatown
From Sing Tao Daily
As Chinatown’s immigrant population grows older, the demand for home care is on the rise.

Latino Credit Card
From El Diario / La Prensa
The Latin Card Plus promised approval solely on the basis of being Hispanic. But many cardholders found that the deal was too good to be true.

Video Cameras in Schools
From Russian Bazaar
City Council officials are considering a proposal to install surveillance video cameras in all 1200 city schools as a measure against terrorism.

Right to Speak Spanish
From El Diario / La Prensa
Forbidden to speak Spanish even during breaks, Hispanic employees have filed a class action lawsuit against the Melrose Hotel on grounds of discrimination.

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