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The Citizen
The Citizen / Sep 01, 2005

Campaign 2005: Much At Stake For Immigrants
From Gotham Gazette
Larry Tung lays out some of the specific twists for immigrants in such familiar issues as education and civil rights -- and some immigrant-specific issues, such as restoring the right of non-citizens to vote.

Meet the Mayor
From China Press
At a meeting with members of the Independent Press Association-New York, Mayor Michael Bloomberg vows to look after the interests of ethnic communities.

Ferrer's Promise
From World Journal
In a meeting with the ethnic press, Fernando Ferrer said, among other things, that legal immigrants should have the right to vote in City Council elections.

Education Matters
From El Diario / La Prensa
Education is the solution to hate crimes, said C. Virginia Fields during a meeting with a group of immigrant leaders.

Miller and Weiner
From Our Time Press
Mayoral candidates Gifford Miller and Anthony Weiner on issues facing the city.

Debate In Chinese
From Sing Tao Daily
The New Tang Dynasty TV was selected by NY1 to carry the election debates dubbed into Chines but the station reaches only from 79th Street to Downtown Manhattan.

As the Election Day approaches, many mayoral candidates hope to win immigrants' support with the commitment in educating immigrant children, especially ones who speak English as a second language. "Everybody wants to be the 'education mayor'" said Chung-Wha Hong of the New York Immigration Coalition. But the next mayor will have to deal with the "crisis" of high dropout rate among non-English speaking students. (Gotham Gazette)

Some immigrants would like to hear candidates address civil rights and law enforcement issues. In Arab and Muslim communities, arrest and deportation has become so routine that an Arabic newspaper print a list of how to Stay safe in the U.S.: A guide for Arabs and Muslims.

Meanwhile, immigrant advocacy groups wanted to see whether public officials kept thier words. They are monitoring the Department of Education on its promise of new translation servces of the top eight foreign languages for key meetings and documents. Monitors said in some schools important signs are displayed on in English and enrollment centers make do with children translating for parents (Newsday).

These and other stories from the Arabic Chinese, Korean, Russian and Spanish-language press via our partner, Voices That Must Be Heard.

Security Benefit

From Russian Bazaar
The State Supreme Court ruled in favor of elderly immigrants who lost their Supplemental Security Income because of a delay in the citizenship process.

Food Price Hike
From World Journal
Elderly Chinese residents of a government subsidized housing project planned to protest against the recently announced cost increase of its mandatory meal plan.

Day Laborers Centers
From Hoy
Community leaders have asked the New York City Council to create centers for day laborers where they can get computer skills and learn English. .


" A Guide for Arabs and Muslims "
From Al Manassah Al Arabeyah
Important information that Arabs and Muslims need to know, including how to deal with discrimination and hate crimes.

Home Ownership For NY Mexicans
From El Diario de Mexico
A new program will offer mortgage credit to Mexican immigrants who live and work in New York State to buy homes in Puebla, Mexico.

Seeking Korean Divorcee
From Korea Daily News
Divorced women have become a fashionable option for single men seeking marriage partners. Previously scorned, now their experience is considered a plus to make a good wife.

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