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The Citizen
The Citizen /September 01, 2006

Fight for Brooklyn's 11th Congressional District Has Multi-Million Dollar Price Tag
From Carib News
As the highly controversial election for the Eleventh Congressional district races closer with each passing day, the election funds rise higher, and people have begun to wonder if the seat can be bought.

Flushing Chinese Looking for Solidarity After Grace Meng Drops Out
From World Journal

Johnson Lee, co-director of the Chinese American Voters Association thinks Ellen Yang, the only remaining Asian candidate, shouldn't take her victory for granted.

Queens Electoral Battle Creates Rift in Asian-Indian Community
From India Abroad
Morshed Alam, who is running for a seat in the state assembly, accused rival Rory Lancman of racism. But Uma Sengupta, Democratic leader of the 25th Assembly District, said that no one has done more to bring South Asians into the political process than Rory.

Political Football Played with NYC School Funds
From El Tiempo de New York

With so many of their children in crowded public schools, Latinos are paying special attention to the gubernatorial candidates' position on how much the State of New York will contribute to New York City's schools before casting their votes.

Immigrants are paying close attention to some of the races in this year's primary election. The Chinese community in Flushing are searching for an Asian candidate to run in the 22nd District of the State Assembly a promiment Asian candidat dropped out of the race. Leadersin the 25th Assembly District in Queens are worreid that firece comptetion between South Asian candidates will threaten thier community. For details, go to out primary election coverage.

Last month a federal judge ordered that the city stop denying food stamps and other aid to battered immigrant women and children. The city was also asked to overhaul the error-plagued computer programs and training manuals that continue to lead welfare workers to turn them away.

Immigrant advocates are planning to mobilize another round of immigration demonstration on September 7 in Washington DC. "We want to make sure that Congress and this administration get a very clear message that the immigrant community is still paying attention to what's happening in the immigration debate and that we know that it's election time," said Jaime Contreras, chairman of the National Capital Immigration Coalition, the rally's organizer.

A new report by The Pew Hispanic Center found that increases in immigration since 1990 have not hurt employment prospects for American workers. Rakesh Kochhar, the study 's author, said that there was no evidence that increases in immigration led to higher unemployment among Americans

These stories and others from the Bengali, Chinese, Russian, South Asian and Spanish language press via our partner, Voices That Must Be Heard.

New Green Card Applications Expected to Flood Immigration Offices
From Nowy Dziennik

Even though the U.S. Congress hasn't pushed through the new immigration law, there are already concerns regarding processing of the permanent residency forms, which would be sent in by eligible immigrants after the new law has been approved.

Russian Immigrants Take On the Fed
From Novoye Russkoye Slovo
David Vesnovsky, 72, and his wife Bella, 68, are two of 11 plaintiffs who have filed suit against the federal government over naturalization delays. The class-action lawsuit composed of a group of Russian-speaking immigrants from Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island was filed in Brooklyn federal court.

Ecuadorian Family Faces Deportation for Pro-Immigrant Activism
From Ecuador News
After becoming well known as a pro-immigrant student activist, Gabriela Pacheco and her entire family were arrested and now face deportation charges. The family's lawyer claims that this is in retaliation for the family's immigrant rights activism.

Foreign-Born Population Rising in New York
From Novoye Russkoye Slovo
The number of foreign-born New Yorkers has increased by almost half a million over the past six years, according to the findings of the American Community Survey published by the Census Bureau.

Brooklyn Bengalis Change The Face of Church McDonalds' Neighborhood
From Weekly Thikana
The Church McDonalds area, in Brooklyn, was once dominated by Hispanic and Greek immigrants. But according to Shafiqul Alam Alster, a Bengali who has been living there since the 1970s, the number of Bengalis living in the area has increased dramatically.

Feds Arrest 31 Members of Female Smuggling Ring in Queens
From Hoy

The federal agents arrested 31 people on Thursday for allegedly smuggling Korean women into the United States and forcing them to prostitute themselves as payment for the "benefits" they received.

Deceptive Ads Often Target Immigrants
From Russian
Advertisements for work in massage parlors, night clubs and spas in immigrant papers often target vulnerable newly arrived immigrants, who find out, after being hired, that they will be working as modern-day sex slaves

New Chinatown Gangs Engage In Non-Traditional Crimes
From World Journal
Following a major government crackdown, Chinatown gangs have gone underground and are expanding their activities from illegal gambling to more sophisticated crimes like narcotics trafficking, producing false credit cards and identity theft.

Tenants Demand Justice from Landlords
From El Diario / La Prensa
Maria Quintanilla has lived for 16 years in Bushwick, Brooklyn, with no shower, a ceiling that's about to fall in, broken windows, a sealed emergency exit and to have bed bugs in the bedrooms; she even claims to have been assaulted by her landlord's representative.

Residents Urged to Keep Flushing Clean
From World Journal
On August 12, in front of the Queens Public Library, several members of the Flushing Business Improvement District, the City of New York Department of Sanitation, and Councilmember John C. Liu (D Queens) heralded the Campaign to Increase Public Awareness among residents to stop littering and keep the streets of Flushing clean.

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