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Gotham Gazette: Who's Running For What

The campaign season never ends in New York. State legislators face the voters every two years. While city officials, including City Council members, serve for four-year terms. And they all constantly jockey for position. Meanwhile, unexpected vacancies can set off a special election at almost any time.

To help you keep track of all this, the Gotham Gazette staff has devised "Who's Running For What." This service lets you search for a candidate by name or office to find out who holds the seat now and who might be seeking it later. Launched in March 2008, "Who's Running for What" is constantly updated to give you the most current picture of who will be running in city elections and to represent the city in Albany.

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As campaigns evolve, we change the candidates' statuses to reflect the latest developments. And we provide information on voting records, campaign fund-raising, how to contact candidates and more. It's all designed to provide New Yorkers with a one-stop election resource.

If we've missed any candidate out there, please let us know. Send any information or tips to info at gothamgazette dot com.


In describing a candidate's status, we use a number of terms. Some (won general election, say) are self-explanatory. Here, though, are definitions for some others:

  • "Declared" candidates have formally announced their intention to run.
  • "Did not file" refers to candidates thought to be in the race who, for whatever reason, did not file nominating petitions and will not be on the ballot.
  • "Disqualified candidates" were generally knocked off the ballot for not meeting the requirements of New York's election laws, such as not having enough signatures on their nominating petitions.
  • "Dropped Out" candidates have left the race they initially declared for.
  • "Exploring" candidates have indicated publicly that they are considering a run.
  • "Presumed" candidates are eligible to seek re-election and have given no indication that they will not seek another term. But they have not yet formally declared their intentions.
  • "Rumored" candidates have been mentioned in the press as possible candidates, but they have not personally expressed interest.
  • "Rumored dropping out" candidates have suggested they may leave the race, but have not announced their plans
  • "Undecided" candidates have informed reporters that they have not yet made a decision.