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We're excited to announce that, with the support of a new grant from the Knight Foundation, we're gearing up to develop a new round of games for And, we hope our readers can help us make these new games thoughtful, informative and engaging.

These games will let you — the reader — make policy. What problems would you like to take on as a virtual policy-maker? The fate of the city's garbage? The right way to balance civilliberties and security in an Emergency? Developing a balanced land use plan for a neighborhood?

This time around we're planning to add a new element to the games: We will take note of the decisions you make and encourage players to offer explanations of the solutions you've proposed.

Switch It On!
September 28, 2009 — With gadgets guzzling electricity, New York faces a looming energy gap. How would you fix it? Ban air conditioning? Harness the tides? Go nuclear? Play Gotham Gazette latest game and plan our energy future.

Bump the Birds
July 07, 2009 — Candidates have until Thursday to file petitions to get on the primary ballot. Do you have what it takes to get on the ballot and stay there? Play 'Bump,' our latest game, and find out.

Fix the Budget
February 09, 2009 — Play Balance, Gotham Gazette's new game and see if you can fill New York's $4 billion budget gap. Cut, tax or spend -- as long as you make it balance.

The Budget Maze
May 19, 2008 — As politicians debate city spending for 2009, what can advocates do to fight school cuts or fund a neighborhood sports program? Our new game takes through to the budget labyrinth.

The Garbage Glut
November 13, 2007 — How would you keep New York City from drowning in its own refuse? Play Gotham Gazette's new Garbage Game -- and decide what to do with more than 3 million tons of trash a year.

NYC Preservation Game
October 03, 2005 — Church or skyscraper? Summer cottage or million dollar home? "Masterwork" or "world's greatest urinal?" In this interactive game about the city's historic landmarks, you decide.

Budget Quiz
July 11, 2005 —

Campaign 2005 Quiz
June 13, 2005 — Two new transcripts of mayoral forums (one about housing; the other, the budget), an article on the candidates for Gifford Miller's City Council seat, and a quiz that tests whether you're dedicated to civic culture ...or celebrity culture

City Laws Quiz
April 04, 2005 — The following quiz is designed not only to test your knowledge of New York City laws, but to offer a step-by-step guide to the different ways this tool lets you find information — by year, topic, keyword, and individual council member.


Voting Arcade
September 09, 2004 — New York's voting machines are so old that they were already out of date when the first video game, Pong, hit the market over three decades ago. Embark on a tour of New York's broken down voting system with a nostalgic journey thorough Gotham Gazette's versions of ancient video games.

Republicans in New York City Quiz
August 23, 2004 —

Find Your Inner Republican
June 14, 2004 — In our latest interactive feature, see where NYC Republicans past and present have stood on ten issues ranging from abortion to education, and where you fit in.

Plan Your Future Park
March 18, 2004 — Our newest interactive game lets you plan your own park, making choices that communities all over the city have been facing.

December 08, 2003 — New Yorkers rarely think about the systems that keep the city running, until something breaks down. Now, you can take a system-by-system look at what keeps us wired, watered, and flushed: play Breakdown!, our newest interactive game, and use your knowledge to save the city from kaput.

Ground Zero Planner
July 01, 2002 — The Ground Zero Planner allows you to design the World Trade Center site the way you think it should look. You can drag icons representing different ideas for the site, like housing, parks, and a memorial, onto a map of Ground Zero.

The New York City Budget Game
May 12, 2003 — In an effort to close the city's $3.8 billion deficit, public officials have been playing the usual budget games - laying off workers, raising taxes, and threatening to close firehouses and zoos. Now with our interactive NYC Budget Game, you can play too. You spend the money. You make the cuts. You raise and lower the taxes.

Moving Around the City -- A Quiz About Transportation in New York
June 09, 2003 — Which subway system has more riders -- New York's or Mexico City's? What mayor rode mass transit to his inauguration? And how loud are those car alarms? Test your knowledge of New York City transportation.

The Tour Guides Quiz
July 14, 2003 — This is a quiz especially for Gotham Gazette readers who want to challenge their own New York savvy. They are not the exact same questions as those offered in the professional licensing examination for tour guides, but they tap into the same vast treasure trove of New York City legends and lore.

The Judges Game
August 04, 2003 — With a steady stream of new revelations about scandal and political patronage in the Brooklyn judicial system, Gotham Gazette this week tries to sort it all out. Our newest interactive game lets you see if you got what it takes for the Brooklyn bench.

NYC Housing Trivia Quiz
February 17, 2003 — What is the most expensive city in the world – New York, Paris, or Hong Kong? And does Mayor Michael Bloomberg really want to house homeless people on a cruise ship? And how much is a one-bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village?

Gotham Gazette's Summer Quiz
July 16, 2001 — Who is NOT running for public office this year: a 19 year old, a Seinfeld character, a salsa singer, or a State Senator? How many golf courses are there in New York City; how many pigeons? Who are the Vieques Four? Which is greater, New York City's annual budget or Harvard University's endowment? Is NYPD Blue filmed in New York City? How about Friends? Take Gotham Gazette's Summer Quiz and test your New York knowledge.

Gotham Gazette's New York City Quiz
March 21, 2001 — So, you think you know New York City? Which is the longest subway ride? Which is bigger, the Fresh Kill's garbage dump or the Great Wall of China? Test your knowledge in Gotham Gazette's interactive quiz.

City Hall Quiz
January 13, 2003 — What do New Yorkers hate the most - noise, traffic, or rats? Is it illegal to talk on your cell phone on the subway? What new parking holidays were added in the last year? In 2002, the City Council and the mayor passed 47 new laws that they claim will make the city a better place. Test your knowledge of what they did at City Hall with our interactive quiz.