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Alfred Smith

Alfred Smith

  • New Yorkers Run for President: History and Insights for 2016

    chisolm campaign

    Shirley Chisolm for President, 1972



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    1932: New York's great depression fighter
    Al Smith even lost his home state of New York in 1928, but his friend and colleague, Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt, a former state senator, assistant secretary of the Navy, vice presidential candidate (in 1920), and distant cousin of Theodore Roosevelt, was

  • New York's Education Policy in Historic Disarray

    cuomo parental choice BK May 2015

    Gov. Cuomo in May, 2015 (photo: Office of the Governor - Kevin P. Coughlin)

    The past several months have been one of the most tumultuous periods in New York State's educational history, culminating several years of false starts and disarray in education policy. It's not without precedent, though, and history has valuable lessons for New York today.

    Disillusionment and disavowal of recent educational practices
    In December, President