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  • Bitcoin Mining is Gobbling Up New York's Precious Renewable Energy


    Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency (photo: Kanchanara)

    Like time inSteve Miller’s classic-rock song, New York’s decarbonization targets keep slipping into the future.


  • Max Politics Podcast: Cryptocurrency Grows in New York

    foxtime c board

    A representation of cryptocurrency (photo:

    February 15, 2022 - Max Politics Podcast: Understanding Cryptocurrency in New York

    Lule Demmissie, CEO of eToro USA, and Eric Soufer, head of the crypto and fintech practice at Tusk Strategies, joined the show to discuss the growth of cryptocurrency and the opportunities and challenges for New York as the digital currency industry expands, faces government regulation, gets a big boost from Mayor Eric Adams, and more.

    Listen to the conversation and let us know

  • The Battle for Urban Economic Sovereignty is Set to Begin

    governorandcuomo rail project

    (photo via the Governor's office)

    One of the most powerful financial tools in the United States federal government’s financial toolbox is its relationship to the Federal Reserve Bank, which can create money “out of thin air” and then use it to buy the federal government’s debt: treasury bills, bonds, and notes. While the primary purpose of these “open market operations” is to manage U.S. money supply, a convenient side effect is that that the Federal Reserve can, in the words of the Economist magazine, “buy up trillions of government