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  • Want to Fix High Rent? Look to Hotels, Not Hardworking Home-Sharers

    fourpoints sheraton

    (photo: Andrew Russeth via Flickr)

    If you’ve lived in New York City anytime in the last half-century, one thing is as certain as the sun will rise: the rent is just too damn high.

    Now, in recent weeks, defenders of the hotel industry would have you believe that this is some new phenomena to be entirely blamed on hardworking home-sharers. How dare they!

    I don’t buy it, and neither should you. This is all just part of the hotel industry lobby’s smear

  • Don’t Let Airbnb Fool You

    apartment building east harlem

    photo: Sofie Hecht/Gotham Gazette

    If you are to tell a lie, make it a big one and repeat it often, is a mantra of many an absolutist regime. Alas, that applies all too often to many businesses. Few epitomize that dictum better than the illegal hotel rental platform Airbnb.

    That certainly was the conclusion of a recent, well-researched editorial in the San Francisco Public Press, an independent non-profit focused on