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  • The Affordable Care Act Just Turned 10; It’s Important to Take Stock of Its Positive Impact

    Joe Biden talks ACA (photo: Adam Schultz/Biden for President)

    Rewind the clock ten years, and you’ll find a much unhealthier America with significantly less access to quality, affordable healthcare. What do pregnancy, seasonal allergies, and diabetes have in common? Besides all being physical traits, up until ten years ago these were grounds for insurers to charge a higher monthly premium or deny coverage altogether. Premiums were high, coverage was paltry, and 60 million Americans were forgoing insurance altogether.


  • At 94%, New York Health Insurance Coverage Best of Four Most Populous States

    protecting hc nyc

    (photo: Kevin P. Coughlin/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo)

    New York State had achieved the highest percentage of residents with health insurance coverage of the four most populous states in the country by 2017, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, one of the nation's leading health research organizations.

    Ninety-four percent of New York's residents had health insurance coverage that

  • As Teddy Roosevelt Did, 2016 Candidates Drag the Supreme Court Into Presidential Politics

    supreme court

    The Supreme Court (Carol Highsmith, via Library of Congress

    The Supreme Court is being drawn against its will into the chaotic 2016 presidential campaign.

    Republicans Donald Trump and Ted Cruz dislike the court's decisions affirming Obamacare and gay marriage. Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernard Sanders object to its Citizens United campaign finance decision. Senate Republicans are threatening to block President Obama's nomination to replace recently deceased justice Antonin Scalia,