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2017 Elections

The 2017 New York City Elections

de Blasio voting

Mayor de Blasio voting (photo: Michael Appleton/Mayor's Office)

The 2017 New York City elections are for the three citywide posts of Mayor, Public Advocate and Comptroller; the five Borough President positions; all 51 City Council seats; the Brooklyn and Manhattan District Attorney posts; and other down ballot offices like some civil court judges and some district leader positions.

The party primaries were September 12. The general election is November 7.

At Gotham Gazette, we are providing a vast amount of information about the elections, and we've also teamed up with WNYC radio and City Limits to provide even more, including reporting on contentious races, a weekly podcast, and a comprehensive, interactive voters guide [the 2017 primary election voters guide was here].

We have a list of candidates running in races for the citywide and borough president positions, the two DA races, and all the City Council races. We also briefly discussed each of 20 Races to Watch here, mostly focused on the competitive Democratic primaries. As we move forward in the general election, we will continue to keep tabs on competitive and interesting races.

Below, you'll find all of the 2017 election coverage from Gotham Gazette, along with key additions from coverage by City Limits and WNYC radio, including some crossoever and collaboration among the three outlets, and also videos of debates for Manhattan City Council districts and the Democratic mayoral primary aired by Manhattan Neighborhood Network. [Start here: Voters Guide for the 2017 New York City General Election]

Many Election Poll Workers are Placed by Party Machines, Some May Influence Votes

State Board of Elections Official Says City Must Move to Instant Runoff Voting

Max & Murphy Podcast: City Council Member Elizabeth Crowley

De Blasio's Campaign Cash During Election Crunch

Max & Murphy Podcast: Previewing De Blasio's Second Term

Possible GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Weigh Chances to Unseat Cuomo

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Mapping the Mayoral: Where De Blasio and Malliotakis Each Did Well

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As New York Votes, a Push to Allow 17-Year-Olds the Ballot Next

Bill De Blasio Easily Wins Reelection as Mayor of New York City

Malliotakis Comes Up Short in Long-shot Mayoral Bid

2017 New York City General Election Results

Max & Murphy Podcast: 10 Things to Think About on Election Day

Dissecting Mayor De Blasio's Record As He Seeks Reelection

De Blasio's Record on NYCHA

De Blasio's Record on Budgeting and Fiscal Health

Max & Murphy Podcast: Resetting the Mayoral Race after the Final Debate

Mayoral Candidates Make Closing Arguments in Frenetic Final Debate

De Blasio's Record on Poverty and Inequality

Following Up with Comptroller Stringer on Several Debate Moments

Voters Guide for the City's 2017 General Election

Yes or No? Three Questions on the Back of Your November Ballot

Max & Murphy Podcast: Analyzing the Public Advocate & Comptroller Debates

Comptroller Debate Focuses on Stringer's Record

Public Advocate Debate Shows Stark Differences Between James and Polanco

It’s Not Too Late to Start Paying Attention to the City Elections - Here’s How

Who will be at the second mayoral debate?

Debate Showcases Sharp Differences Among Mayoral Candidates on Transit, Congestion

Max & Murphy: Analyzing the First General Election Mayoral Debate

Post-Debate, Malliotakis Clarifies Some Stances, Promises Plans to Come

De Blasio, Malliotakis & Dietl Engage in Raucous Mayoral Debate

5 Things to Watch at The First General Election Mayoral Debate

You Can Help Boost Voter Turnout on Election Day, But You Have to Register Soon

What’s The [DATA] Point? 4, with Greg David

James Defends Approach to De Blasio, Outlines Second Term Priorities

Max & Murphy Podcast: Public Advocate Letitia James

Malliotakis’ Legislative Record Reflects Conservative Base

Good News and Bad News for Malliotakis' Mayoral Campaign

Max & Murphy Podcast: Comptroller Candidate Michel Faulkner

23 Things Bo Dietl Promises To Do As Mayor

10 Races & More to Watch in the General Election

A Smattering of Independent Expenditures in City Election Cycle

The Mayoral Money Race as the General Election Heats Up

James Agrees to General Election Debate in Public Advocate Race

Voters Pick Women Over Men in Primary for All Six Brooklyn Judicial Seats

Max & Murphy Podcast: Public Advocate Candidate JC Polanco

'Tears of Joy,' Hope for a District in Alicka Samuel's Win

Ede Fox Unsuccessful in Second Attempt at Election to City Council

On the Lower East Side, Carlina Rivera Dominates Primary Day

In Surprise to Some, Diana Ayala Appears On Verge of Victory

Meet The Three State Legislators Likely Heading To The City Council

Max & Murphy Podcast: What Happened on Primary Day & What It Means

25 Things Nicole Malliotakis Promises To Do As Mayor

2017 New York City Primary Election Results

2013 Voter Turnout Numbers Help Preview 2017 Primaries

Risks and Rewards in De Blasio’s Bevy of City Council Endorsements

Max & Murphy Podcast: A Candidate's Final Campaign Hours

Dietl, Malliotakis Make Last-Minute Play for Reform Party Nomination

Can Anyone Defeat Eric Gonzalez for Brooklyn DA?

De Blasio & Albanese Argue Through Second of Two Primary Debates

Forecasting the Upcoming City Council Gender Imbalance

Max & Murphy Podcast: Previewing Primary Day, with WNYC's Brigid Bergin

Candidate Endorsements in the 2017 City Elections

Malliotakis Bets on Fundraising Blitz To Be Competitive with De Blasio

Four Democratic Mayoral Candidates Debate (video), via MNN, moderated by Ben Max and Elinor Tatum

City Council Races 2017: Tensions Rise Among Immigrants (Council District 38), via Gotham Gazette & WNYC

City Council Races 2017: Corruption Paves The Way for New Leadership in Queens (Council District 28), via Gotham Gazette & WNYC

Queens Council Candidates Attempt to Offer Stability to Burned District (Council District 28)

Max & Murphy Podcast: De Blasio Author Joseph Viteritti

Incumbent Brooklyn City Council Rep Attempts to Fend Off Prominent Challengers (Council District 38)

Mass Mailer Loophole Gives State Legislators Advantage in City Council Races

Extraordinary District Leader Ballot Feud Escalates to State's Highest Court

Max & Murphy Podcast: Public Advocate Candidate David Eisenbach

Assemblymember Rodriguez Would Have to Give Up Outside Income If Elected to City Council (Council District 8)

City Council Races 2017: Church and State in the Southeast Bronx (Council District 13), via City Limits & WNYC 

City Council Races 2017: Small Business Survival in the East Village (Council District 2), via Gotham Gazette & WNYC

City Council Races 2017: Better to Fight Developers than to Join 'Em (Council District 35), via Gotham Gazette & WNYC

City Council Races 2017: Fighting Resentment in the Upper West Side (Council District 6), via City Limits & WNYC

City Council Races 2017: Fighting Opioid Crisis Is Top Priority in Staten Island (Council District 49), via City Limits & WNYC

City Council Races 2017: Change is Coming to the South Bronx and East Harlem (Council District 8), via Gotham Gazette & WNYC

City Council Races 2017: Talent in Brownsville (Council District 41), via City Limits & WNYC


Public Advocate Candidate Outlines Election Reform Agenda

Heated Rematch in Central Brooklyn, Where Incumbent Seeks to Hold City Council Seat (Council District 35)

Lower East Side City Council Candidates Make Their Case in Debate (Council District 2)

5 Key Moments from the First Democratic Mayoral Primary Debate

For Mark-Viverito’s Seat: Leading Candidates with Long Community Resumes (Council District 8)

De Blasio, Cumbo Teams Mum on Campaign Aid (Council District 35)

10 Great NYC Debate Moments

5 Things to Watch at First De Blasio-Albanese Debate

Max & Murphy Podcast: Previewing the First Mayoral Debate

Inside the Numbers: Mayoral Campaign Spending

Five Democrats Will Be On The Mayoral Ballot, But Only Two Will Debate

Max & Murphy Podcast: Representative vs. Substantive Representation

A Rarity: City Council Candidate Releases Detailed Reform Agenda (Council District 4)

Malliotakis Received Max Contribution from Dan Loeb

On the Lower East Side, Council Contenders Seek to Upend Favorite for Open Seat (Council District 2)

Rep. Jeffries Endorses Council Member Cumbo for Reelection (Council District 35)

In Manhattan, District Leader Maps Redrawn Last Minute and Hard to Find

Removal of Last Primary Opponent Could Cost Malliotakis

There Will Be Three Big Questions on Your Ballot in November

Queens Council Primary Pits Assembly Member Versus Disgraced Former Rep (Council District 21)

Mayoral Candidate Provides Brands and Logos for $5 Million In-Kind Campaign Contribution

20 Races to Watch in the 2017 City Election Cycle

Max & Murphy Podcast: The Mayoral Race with Top Political Strategists

Democratic Mayoral Candidates Talk 'Faith in New York'

Rare Green Party Primary in Brooklyn City Council Race (Council District 35)

Republican Citywide Candidates Hopeful Despite Slow Fundraising

Bo Dietl: Running City Government 'Isn't Rocket Science'

Max & Murphy Podcast: Mayoral Candidate Bo Dietl

Brooklyn District Attorney Candidates Address Criminal Justice Reform at Forum

The July Mayoral Money Race

Malliotakis Files Records Request for Mayor's Travel Expenses

Longshot Mayoral Hopeful Outraises & Outspends Opponents, Technically

Max & Murphy Podcast: Republican Mayoral Candidate Nicole Malliotakis

Malliotakis Outlines Developing Platform in Quest to Unseat De Blasio

Democratic Challengers Fire Away at De Blasio. Is Anybody Listening?

Crowded Field Competes to Represent Manhattan City Council District (Council District 4)

7 Transit Commitments Advocates Want From Candidates This Year

Nicole Malliotakis on Trying to Become New York’s First Female Mayor

Max & Murphy Podcast: Eric Phillips, Press Secretary for Mayor De Blasio

High Participation in Campaign Matching Funds, But Several Big Name Opt-Outs

Massey Drops from Mayoral Race, Clearing Path to GOP Nomination for Malliotakis

Max & Murphy Podcast: Democratic Mayoral Candidate Sal Albanese

Max & Murphy Podcast: Republican Mayoral Candidate Paul Massey

With Subways in Crisis, It’s Showtime for Mayoral Candidates

Planning to Lure Democrats, Polanco Jumps Into Public Advocate Race

Massey Makes A Campaign Stop on the Upper East Side

Max & Murphy Podcast: Democratic Mayoral Candidate Bob Gangi

Southern Brooklyn Candidates Pitch Democratic Club

The 2017 City Election Debate Schedule Is Here

Candidates for Brooklyn District Attorney Seek to Set Themselves Apart

The Issues Likely to Dominate The 2017 Mayoral Race

Candidates Want Your Vote. They Need Your Signature First

Max & Murphy on Politics: Election Season is Here!

De Blasio Receives Reelection Support from Three Democratic County Committees

Michel Faulkner Attempts Outsider Republican Run for Comptroller

Three More State Legislators Seek City Council Seats

The May Money Race in 'Open' City Council Seats

GOP Mayoral Primary Appears To Be Massey Versus Malliotakis

The May Mayoral Money Race

Malliotakis Falsely Claims '100% of the Vote' in Last Election

Mayoral Candidate Malliotakis Falsely Claimed Rape Up 33% Under De Blasio

Malliotakis Officially Launches Mayoral Candidacy

Republican Mayoral Hopefuls Pitch Candidacies at Manhattan Forum

Despite Record Low Crime, Massey Attempts to Make Public Safety a Campaign Issue

The March Money Race in ‘Open’ City Council Seats

In GOP Mayoral Primary, Lopsided Fundraising Numbers & One Big Question

Massey Pledge to Not Take Money from People with City Business Only Applies to Potential Reelection

Community Group Endorses Four Women of Color for ‘Open’ City Council Seats

The Early Money Race in ‘Open’ City Council Seats

To Defeat De Blasio, Republicans Attempt Early Rally Behind One Candidate

Council Speaker Contenders Spread the Wealth to Colleagues
8%! New Report Shows Shockingly Low Voter Turnout in NYC
Rochester Mayor Accused of Circumventing Campaign Finance Rules
New Jersey is About to Elect a New Governor. Why It Matters to New York 

Opinion Pieces
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Vote ‘Yes’ on Question 2 and Send Albany a Message (opinion)
The Threat Lurking on Primary Day (opinion) 
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Squadron Departure Spotlights Importance of County Committee (opinion)
Special Elections Deserve Democratic Deliberation, Not Backroom Deals (opinion)
Hiram Monserrate Has No Place in Elected Office (opinion)
What’s a Constitutional Convention Cost? We Can’t Afford to Not Hold One (opinion)
Latino Voters and the 2017 New York City Elections (Opinion)

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